Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

AAW Management Hoping for Silva Sanchez Win

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With Silva Sanchez vs. Anthony Moretti set to headline the AAW show later today with a match which will see the first ever AAW Heavyweight Champion crowned, there are rumours that the AAW officials are secretly hoping for a victory for the masked Silva Sanchez

Silva Sanchez is from Brazil and therefore is a big hit with the Spanish speaking audience, and with the AAW battling against the oWo for ratings on the IPWA Network, this could be a big deal to the promotion if he was to become the first ever Champion.

The AAW has also had a lot of heat from fans online regarding the amount of former oWo wrestlers that it has on it’s roster, and with Anthony Moretti a former oWo Heavyweight Champion it is expected that the management would prefer for Silva Sanchez to be the man that goes down in the history books as the first ever champion.

With the title set to be decided later today, make sure to tune into AAW Chapter Three only on the IPWA Network!

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