Mon. Jun 1st, 2020

AAW Officially Announced

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The AAW press conference took place live today from New York city where after months of speculation the new wrestling promotion was officially announced!

The press conference was hosted by MJ Lang who announced herself as one of the hosts of the AAW (All Action Wrestling), and New York businessman Andre Barton was announced to the press as the owner of the AAW. Barton, who made his fortunes in a variety of different businesses, declared his intention for the AAW to be the premier wrestling company in the world with his large investment behind it.

It was confirmed during the press conference that the AAW has already signed to it’s roster Edwin Ellis, Brandon Snyder, Anthony Moretti and Hiro Ryuu, all of whom were former oWo Champions.

It was also announced during the press conference that the AAW had also signed to exclusive deals the likes of Kazuki Takaki, Ace Andrews and Silva Sanchez as well as Kandi Sparks, Tori Heart, Vicky Moore and Jayla Holt to it’s women’s division.

Barton announced to the press that the AAW would be based largely in New York and the surrounding areas, and the first three shows were announced as ‘Chapter One: Genesis’, Chapter Two: Crowning A Queen’ & ‘Chapter Three: Crowning a King’, with tickets on sale now! It was announced that all three of these shows would be live from the Barclay’s Centre in Brooklyn and would air live on a pay per view streaming service.

Barton showed off the AAW Heavyweight and AAW Women’s Championship belts and announced that more details regarding these would be revealed on the first show.

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