Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

AAW On Brink of Collapse?

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It was only a few months ago that the AAW shocked the wrestling world by launching as a new promotion and signing a host of highly paid well known former Champions to it’s roster such as Scott Washington, Anthony Moretti and Hiro Ryuu, however the news coming out of New York isn’t good in regards to the future of the promotion.

Although there has been no official word, with no live shows and no income from their TV deal due to not being able to run shows, there are rumours that the AAW is only days away from collapse.

Whilst the oWo has six years worth of archived shows to fall back on, the AAW is only five shows old and has been hit hard by the current ban on live events due to the ongoing global situation and social distancing rules.

There is has not been any comment from any of the AAW roster who are said to be waiting to hear from management in the next few days. With many of them jumping ship from the oWo to the AAW, one can only imagine how they might be impacted if the AAW does indeed collapse.

More on this breaking story as it happens….

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