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AAW Presents Chapter One – Genesis

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AAW Presents Chapter One – Genesis
1st December 2019
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York


There are loud cheers from the crowd as the first ever AAW broadcast opens up with the AAW owner Andre Barton in the middle of the ring with the AAW Championship in his left hand and the AAW Women’s Championship in his right hand. Barton raises both belts in the air to get a pop from the crowd before placing them down on the table set up next to him.

Barton is then passed a microphone from ringside where he addresses the fans, promising that the AAW will deliver them the best wrestling product on the planet, and that it all starts off tonight with tournaments to crown the first ever AAW Champion and AAW Women’s Champion!

The crowd cheer Barton on, however the AAW owner is quickly interrupted by the arrival of Anthony Moretti which gets loud boos from the crowd. Moretti makes his way down to the ring and tells Barton that he might as well hand over the AAW Championship to him right now. Barton responds that Moretti will have to earn the belt like everyone else, but he will get a chance because his first round tournament match is next!

AAW Championship Tournament Match
Anthony Moretti vs. Ace Andrews

Moretti is joined in the ring by Scotish superstar Ace Andrews who the crowd are firmly behind, and the first ever AAW match is quickly underway! Moretti takes early control of the match as he grounds the high flyer, but Ace Anderews wows the crowd as he battles back with some high flying offence! Ace Andrews lands a springboard DDT on Moretti after some impressive offence and it looks like it might be over as he makes the cover, but Moretti gets a shoulder up after the count of two.

Ace Andrews continues to try and put away Moretti with his quick offence, however Moretti manages to get back in control of the match by ducking out of the way of one of Andrews’s diving cross body attempts, before wearing him down with a headlock. Moretti follows up with some impressive offence including a reverse facelock DDT, before lining up and hitting the ‘Hitman’ in the middle of the ring. Moretti makes the cover and scores the three count to advance in the tournament and win the first ever AAW branded match up!

Winner via pinfall: Anthony Moretti

AAW Women’s Championship Tournament Match
Kandi Sparks vs. Jayla Holt

The action is quickly under way with both ladies looking to progress in the tournament to the final next week where the first ever AAW Women’s Champion will be crowned! Holt and Sparks trade big right hands in the middle of the ring, before trading some impressive moves back and forth as they both battle for momentum. Sparks lands a reverse neckbreaker and looks for a cover, but only manages to get a two count. Holt fights her way back into the match with some stiff uppercuts, before taking control with a backbreaker.

Holt looks to put Sparks away with a camel clutch submission hold, but Sparks manages to crawl to the ropes in order to break the hold. Holt looks angry that Sparks managed to break the hold, but as she fights back with some stiff offence, Sparks rakes the eyes of her opponent! The referee seems to miss the blatant rule breaking, as Sparks follows up with an inside cradle and the three count to progress in the tournament!

After the match the fans boo loudly as Sparks bails out of the ring and celebrates back up the entrance ramp despite the boos as Holt complains to the referee back in the ring.

Winner via pinfall: Kandi Sparks

AAW Women’s Championship Tournament Match
Tori Heart vs. Victoria Moore

With both ladies knowing who they will face in the final next week should they progress, the action starts off slowly as both Moore and Heart look to feel their opponent out in the early going of the match up. Heart begins to take the upper hand as she takes down Moore and nails her with some ground and pound. Heart follows up wit some impressive suplexes in the ring, however the youngster Moore manages to kick out of everything thrown at her.

Moore battles back into the match by taking advantage of the frustration shown by her opponent, and nearly gets the match won with a falcon arrow in the middle of the ring! Moore continues to gain momentum with some big moves, but as she goes to the top rope and looks for the frogsplash Heart has the move spotted as she gets her knees up! Heart leaps up and lands the ‘Heart Breaker’ in the middle of the ring before making the cover and scoring the three count!

The fans cheer as Tori Heart celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring, and we now know that it will be Kandi Sparks vs. Tori Heart on the next AAW chapter to crown the first ever AAW Women’s Champion!

Winner via pinfall: Tori Heart

AAW Championship Tournament Match
Kazuki Takaki vs. Edwin Ellis

The AAW Championship tournament continues as Kazuki Takaki takes on Edwin Ellis with the chance to progress to the semi final stage! Both men start the match off looking to put the other away early, however draw a blank in the early going of the match as they cancel each other out. Takaki fighs back with some stiff chops and kicks, however Ellis lands a high knee strike which nearly puts his opponent down for the three count!

Takaki tries to fight his way back into the match, however he seems rocked by the knee strike and Edwin Ellis is able to quickly take control of the offence before putting him down for the three count with a ‘Blackout’ in the middle of the ring!

Winner via pinfall: Edwin Ellis

AAW Championship Tournament Match
Nathan Judge vs. Silva Sanchez

The fans are on their feet from the very opening of the match as the exciting Silva Sanchez takes control with some impressive aerial moves! Nathan Judge tries to use his power to fight his way back into the match up, however Silva Sanchez seems to have an answer to everything that Judge tries to throw at him! Sanchez looks like he has the match won with a diving double foot stomp from the top rope, but somehow Judge kicks out!

Judge desperately tries to fight his way back into the match and it looks like he might progress as he looks for the ‘End of the Night’, however Sanchez counters with a knee to the head of his opponent before landing a tornado DDT from the top rope to spike Judge on his head and then pick up the three count!

Winner via pinfall: Silva Sanchez

AAW Championship Tournament Match
Scott Washington vs. Hiro Ryuu

The fans are on their feet for the main event of the evening as famous old rivals Scott Washington and Hiro Ryuu take each other on in singles action! Washington tries to use his size advantage right from the opening bell as he looks to load Ryuu up onto his shoulders, however Ryuu fights his way out with some stiff strikes to the side of his opponents head!

Washington angrily runs at Ryuu, but Ryuu catches him with a superkick to the jaw! The fans are on their feet as Washington stumbles down to one knee, and Ryuu runs at the monster and nails a running knee strike! The fans are deafening as Ryuu follows up with a second running knee strike and then a third before making a quick cover and scoring the three count!

The Barclays Center errupts into cheers as Hiro Ryuu has finally defeated the monster Scott Washington who has plagued him throughout his career in record fashion in the main event of the first ever AAW show!

Ryuu has his hand raised in victory by the referee as the first ever AAW chapter heads off of the air!

Winner via pinfall: Hiro Ryuu

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