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AAW Presents Chapter Three – Crowning a King

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AAW Presents Chapter Three – Crowning a King
29th December 2019
Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

Single Match
Brandon Snyder vs. Nathan Judge

The fans are on their feet for the opening match of the night which features two long time rivals doing battle with each other in singles action! The crowd don’t seem to know exactly who to get behind in the match up as both men stare each other down waiting for the opening bell.

Snyder gains control of the match from the start with a big slam followed by a kick to the back of his opponent. Snyder chops away on Judges back as he tries to get back, but Judge gets to his feet and lands a big upper cut on his opponent. Snyder and Judge trade by right hands before Snyer sends Judge into the ropes and lands a big clothesline. Snyder takes Judge down with a snap suplex in the middle of the ring before stomping away on the former oWo Tag Team Champion.

Snyder stomps away on his opponent before locking in a cross face submission hold. Judge impressively escapes from the holds and rises yo his feet. Judge bounces into the ring ropes and lands a clothesline to take his opponent down, before landing a snapmare. Judge locks in a reverse chin lock, but Snyder fights his way to a standing position with elbows to his opponents mid section.

Snyder sends Judge to the corner of the ring and then places him on the top turnbuckle. Snyder lands an impressive backbreaker on the turnbuckle on Judge! Judge slowly rises up to his feet before Snyder lands a ‘Knockville Knockout’ in the middle of the ring before making the cover!




It’s all over and Brandon Snyder picks up a big win! Snyder celebrates the win by taunting to the crowd as Judge slowly makes his way to the backstage area looking unhappy with the defeat.

Winner via pinfall: Brandon Snyder

Single Match
Victoria Moore vs. Ashleigh Jenkins

With both ladies in the ring, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to officially get started! Moore starts the match by running at her opponent and landing an impressive takedown, before stomping away on her Jenkins rises up to her feet and fights back with right hands before landing a jawbreaker. This seems to anger Moore as she lands a side slam on her opponent to take her to the mat before taunting to the crowd.

With Jenkins down and hurting, Moore follows up with a pump handle slam before making the cover, however only scores a two count! Moore locks on a camel clutch but Jenkins fights her way to her feet only for Moore to send her into the corner and then land a monkey flip. Moore makes another cover but again only scores a two count! Jenkins rises to her feet and lands a hair whip on her opponent before landing big right hands in the corner. Moore reverses by throwing Jenkins into the corner of the ring before once again landing a monkey flip! Moore leaps onto Jenkins to make the cover.



No! Moore stares down Jenkins before taunting to the crowd. However Jenkins takes advantage of the distraction by landing a big spinebuster on her opponent! Jenkins makes the cover, but only gets a two from the referee! Jenkins pulls Moore up, but Moore lands a jaw breaker out of no where before taking her opponent down with a side slam! Moore quickly makes the cover and scores the three count!

The fans cheer for Victoria Moore as she celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring!

Winner via pinfall: Victoria Moore

Single Match
Kandi Sparks vs. Tori Heart

In a rematch from the last show’s main event, the new AAW Women’s Champion Tori Heart looks pumped up to take on Kandi Sparks in singles action, whilst Sparks looks out for revenge!

Sparks lands a big right, but Heart nails one of her own before landing a back breaker in the middle of the ring. Heart pulls Sparks up but both ladies have to be seperated un the corner from a collar and elbow tie up. Heart lands a big right hand before sending Sparks hard into the corner. Heart lands some big chops in the corner before sending her across the ring and following up with a running clothesline! Heart repeats the move in the opposite corner before making the cover!



No! Sparks kicks out and Heart responses by stomping away on her opponent. Heart heads to the top rope before landing an impressive cross body on Sparks as she gets to her feet! Heart stomps on Sparks as she slowly rises up, before chopping her across the chest. Heart sends Sparks into the ropes and then lands a big knee to the midsection as she bounces back.

Heart lands an impressive standing backflip onto Sparks before making the cover and picking up the three count!

The fans cheer loudly for the AAW Women’s Champion as she celebrates with her title belt after a dominating victory over Kandi Sparks!

Winner via pinfall: Tori Heart

Single Match
Scott Washington vs. Xerxes

After his shock loss on the first ever AAW show, Scott Washington looks extra angry as he stares across the ring at the newcomer! Washington charges Xerxes and takes him down with a belly to back suplex, before landing a clothesline as he tries to get up. Xerxes rises up to a standing position but Washington dominates him with a triple German suplex! Washington wastes no time in making the cover, and scores the three count in record time!

The referee holds Washington’s arm in the air in victory, but as the Outlaw begins to leave the ring, he seems to change his mind! The crowd boo loudly as Washington turns and stomps away on the mat he just defeated! The referee is powerless to stop the attack from Washington, which only ends when he gets bored!

Scott Washington finally leaves the ring to boos as the referee checks on the condition of Xerxes who just experienced quite a debut!

Winner via pinfall: Scott Washington

AAW Heavyweight Championship Match
Anthony Moretti vs. Silva Sanchez

AAW Owner Andre Barton makes his way to ringside and holds the AAW Heavyweight Championship belt in the air before the start of the main event, with all of the fans ready for the historic occasion which will see the first ever champion crowned!

Moretti looks for a big kick from the opening bell, but Silva Sanchez ducks the leg. Moretti responds with a big punche before grabbing Silva Sanchez and landing a brain buster in the middle of the ring! Silva Sanchez leaps up and locks up with Moretti, forcing him into the corner of the ring! The referee calls for the break, but Moretti and Silva Sanchez lock up again and this time Moretti forces his opponent backwards!

Moretti lands a big punch to Silva Sanchez to knock him down before taunting to the fans. Silva Sanchez looks in pain as he rolls out of the ring to try and get away from Moretti, but Moretti follows him out of the ring and lays into him with right hands. Silva Sanchez is finally able to fight back and throw Moretti into the security barrier, but Moretti fights back with right hands! Moretti throws Silva Sanchez into the ring to break the count, but Silva Sanchez grabs Moretti as he climbs back in before nailing him with a triple snap suplex!

Silva Sanchez lays into Moretti with right hands before clotheslining him over the top rope and to the outside again! Silva Sanchez heads to the top rope and looks for a cross body to the outside, but Moretti dives out of the way! Moretti slams Silva Sanchez head first into the ring apron before rolling him into the ring and stomping away on him. Moretti makes the cover, but Silva Sanchez powers out before three.

Moretti sends Silva Sanchez into the corner and lands a clothesline followed up by a bulldog. Moretti locks on a sleeper hold, but Silva Sanchez fights his way out of the submission hold. Silva Sanchez nails a crucifix takedown, but Moretti powers back with right hands. Moretti lands a falcon arrow on Silva Sanchez in the middle of the ring before making the cover, but Silva Sanchez kicks out at the last second!

Moretti looks angry as he stomps away on the body of his opponent before punishing him with a head crank. Moretti taunts to the fans again before pulling Silva Sanchez up, but Silva Sanchez fight sback with uppercuts before sending Moretti into the corner and then hitting a dropkick! Silva Sanchez looks for a clothesline, but Moretti ducks the move before landing the ‘Hitman’! It must be all over as Moretti makes the cover!



Thr… No!

Silva Sanchez somehow kicks out! Moretti looks panicked as he locks on another sleeper, but Silva Sanchez manages to fight his way out! Moretti sends Silva Sanchez corner to corner before jumping to the top rope and hitting a tornado DDT! Moretti makes another cover.



No! The fans thought it was all over, but Silva Sanchez kicked out again! Moretti looks shocked but Silva Sanchez rises up to his feet and takes down his opponent with an x-factor, before heading to the top and landing a hurricanrana from the top! With Moretti down, Silva Sanchez lands a kick to his opponents head before heading to the top rope! Silva Sanchez lands a big splash from the top rope, but Moretti gets his knees up!

Moretti rises up to his feet and sweeps his opponents legs away before looking for a Boston crab. Silva Sanchez somehow squirms his way out of the hold, but Moretti looks on a half boston crab instead! Silva Sanchez reaches for the ropes and finally manages to get a rope break! Moretti stalks Silva Sanchez as he gets to his feet, before spinning him around and landing a ‘Hitman’!

The fans are on their feet as Moretti makes the cover!




It’s all over and Anthony Moretti is the first ever AAW Heavyweight Champion! Moretti is presented with the title belt from the AAW Owner Andre Barton, which he holds above his head in victory as the show heads off of the air!

Winner via pinfall & NEW AAW Champion – Anthony Moretti

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