Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

AAW Press Conference Expected Wednesday

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Anthony Moretti

There was excitement amongst the wrestling world today as it was revealed via Twitter that selected members of the wrestling journalist community have this morning been invited to a press conference this Wednesday that will take place live from New York City regarding AAW!

Fans and industry insiders alike have been waiting for news to come out of the AAW regarding when the first show will be held after it was announced that the new group had formed and signed former oWo Champions Scott Washington, Hiro Ryuu, Edwin Ellis and Anthony Moretti to their roster.

Apart from a handful of big name signings, not much is known about the AAW, so all eyes will be on New York this coming Wednesday as fans look to find out who else has been signed, when the first show will be and also who is in charge!

As always stay tuned to the CU website for all the latest news as it breaks!

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