Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

All Star Eyes Gold…

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Ever since Johnny All Star first showed up in the oWo, it has been obvious that his focus has been the current oWo Champion CJ Dreamer.

All Star made his first appearance at the Last Stand 2019 iPPV and immediately attacked Dreamer after he had defended his title in a triple threat match against Leon Ventura and Morales, just when it looked like Dreamer might be about to walk away from the oWo.

With All Star racking up some impressive victories in the oWo including last night against former oWo Internet Champion Angelo Anderson, it surely won’t be long until he fight’s his way into a title match against Dreamer for the oWo Championship.

Will oWo Owner Amy Page book the former sVo legend against CJ Dreamer soon? Stay tuned to oWo Cyberslam every Monday night for all the latest!

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