Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

CJ Dreamer Denies Quit Rumours…

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Rumours have plagued the current oWo Champion CJ Dreamer that he was about to quit the oWo and jump ship to the AAW when he took the microphone at the end of the oWo Last Stand 2019 iPPV back in September.

Of course we never got the chance to find out what Dreamer was going to say to the crowd as he was attacked by former sVo legend Johnny All Star who made a shock debut for the oWo. However last night after his victory in the main event of Cyberslam, CJ Dreamer took to twitter to deny the rumours that he was about to quit the oWo and jump ship.

Dreamer explained that the oWo was his home and that he was looking forward to showing Johnny All Star that he should have stayed a part of sVo history rather than coming to his fed.

However many fans were unconvinced and believe that CJ Dreamer was about to follow the likes of Hiro Ryuu and Scott Washington to AAW before All Star jumped him.

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