Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Jake Hughes

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Hughes is one half of the Canucks who are one of the most successful tag teams in oWo history. Hughes along with partner Scott Cole have shown that they are willing to take on any tag team that steps up to them.


HEIGHT: 6’3″

WEIGHT: 225lbs


HOMETOWN: Toronto, Canada

THEME MUSIC: ‘Everyone’ by Adema


FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Double Underhook Breaker


SIGNATURE MOVES: Corkscrew Armdrag, Reverse Facelock DDT, DDT, Full Nelson Faceslam, Brainbuster

BIO: Jake Hughes is a rule breaker who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. The fans don’t like Hughes, and this can sometimes cause him to lose focus as he reacts to their boos or chants. Hughes often argues with referees and this can also backfire on him.


TITLE HISTORY: oWo Tag Team Champion (x2)

ENTRANCE: ‘Everyone’ by Adema hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as Scott Cole and Jake Hughes step out onto the top of the entrance ramp, each of them waving a giant Canadian flag. Cole and Hughes ignores the boos from the fans as they both slowly walk down the entrance ramp before climbing into the ring and walking slowly around, waving the flags high in the air.

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