Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

JAS vs. Morales Headlines oWo Cyberslam #303

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oWo hit the airwaves again tonight with Cyberslam #303 which featured a huge main event with the so far undefeated Johnny All Star taking on ‘Magic’ Morales in the main event of the night!

Last week Harrington Walters announced a change in attitude and announced a challenge to the current oWo Internet Champion Rick Reid. This week the match between Reid and Walters went down, but who would come out on top?

The fans were also treated to a match between two former Internet Champions as ‘The Tank’ Leon Ventura battled ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson whilst ‘Violent’ Violet Hawkins took on Lopez

In a huge main event match, the oWo Tag Team Champions the Union tried to get some revenge over the new team of the Rebellion after all of the sneak attacks over the past few months.

Just what would go down in the 303rd episode of Cyberslam? Check out the recording if you missed it live to find out!

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