Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Joe Baronne

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Known as the ‘Problem Solver’, Joe Baronne made his oWo debut as the muscle for Anthony Moretti, but soon out grew his boss leading to a vicious rivalry between the two former friends.


HEIGHT: 7’1″

WEIGHT: 385lbs


HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, New York

THEME MUSIC: NY State of Mind by Nas

FINISHER: The Brooklyn Stranglehold

FINISHER DESCRIPTION: Kata gatame submission


SIGNATURE MOVES: Standing body block, Powerbomb, Gorilla Press Slam, Spinebuster, Standing Clothesline

BIO: Joe Baronne grew up around the Moretti Crime family in Brooklyn New York where his father was previously an associate before being gunned down when Baronne was only 15 in a suspected gangland execution. Baronne struck up a friendship with Anthony Moretti as a young man and followed him into the oWo, serving as his muscle under the nickname the Problem Solver. However the association came to an end when Baronne turned on his former friend in an attempt to make a bigger name for himself.



ENTRANCE: ‘NY State of Mind’ hits the sound system and the fans jump to their feets to boo and yell insults as the monster Joe Baronne steps onto the top of the entrance ramp. The Problem Solver makes a gun sign with his right hand and slowly aims around the arena before slowly walking to the ring. Baronne steps clear over the top rope and stares out at the crowd as the music fades out.

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