Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Lucy Von Drake Moves Up To #2 Ranking

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After a big victory last night on oWo Showdown against ‘Hot’ Holly Knight, Lucy Von Drake moved another step closer to getting another shot at the oWo Women’s Championship which she has held twice before by moving up the rankings into the #2 position. The only lady currently ahead of Von Drake in the rankings is the current Champion ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw who is currently in the #1 position and solidified this with a victory last night against ‘Loco’ Lopez.

Closely behind Von Drake in the rankings is another former Champion, Jupiter James, who wasn’t in action last night but has moved down slightly into the #3 position.

On the men’s side of the rankings, the current #1 ranked fighter Johnny All Star wasn’t in action last night but maintained his top spot. Current oWo Heavyweight Champion moved into the #2 position with a victory over Leon Ventura in the main event in what was only his third match of 2020 so far.

Current oWo Internet Champion Rick Reid wasn’t in action last night however managed to keep a hold of his #3 ranking and it looks as if he will have to battle it out with All Star if he wants a shot at Dreamer’s Championship belt.

Men’s Top Five

#1 – Johnny All Star
#2 – CJ Dreamer
#3 – Rick Reid
#4 – Teddy Rush
#5 – Victor Holland

Women’s Top Five

#1 – Emily Shaw
#2 – Lucy Von Drake
#3 – Jupiter James
#4 – Violet Hawkins
#5 – Holly Knight

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