Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Moretti Frustrated with AAW Management

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Anthony Moretti

After rumours break yesterday that the AAW was potencially on the brink of collapse, we reached out to several AAW talent for their reaction to the news.

One of the talent that was willing to go on the record with their comments was the current AAW Champion Anthony Moretti, who was not shy about voicing his displeasure at the recent turn of events.

I know that every one in the world is going through this right now, but a lot of us were signed up to the AAW on the promise of all these big shows they were going to run and all this money that they were throwing behind it. We seen the first bump in the road and it looks like it’s all over? Management need to start explaining themselves now!

Anthony Moretti – AAW Champion

Moretti was reportadly one of the talent that turned down a contact renewal with the oWo in order to sign with the AAW when the promotion launched a few months ago. It is not known what would be next for the former oWo Heavyweight Champion and current AAW Champion in his career if the AAW did indeed fold, or if he would be welcomed back to the oWo.

We will continue to follow this breaking news story as it happens.

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