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oWo Cyberslam #287

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oWo Cyberslam #287
1st July 2019
Long Island, NY

Leon Ventura vs. Harrington Walters

The fans cheered the arrival of the oWo Internet Champion ‘The Tank’ Leon Ventura as he prepared to fight in the non title match. Ventura posed with the belt in the middle of the ring to get the crowd hyped up for the match to begin. After a few seconds the cheers turned to boos as ‘the Urban Gladiator’ Harrington Walters slowly strutted his way down to the ring with a smug look on his face.

The two young superstars battled back and forth with some impressive moves in the middle of the ring, with Walters getting the better of the opening by working on the limbs of his opponent, only for the oWo Internet Champion to battle back with some powerful suplexes.

The battle continues with both men being busted open from offence from the other, however it is Leon Ventura who is able to put Walters away with a DDT to score the three count and pick up the victory in an impressive opening match.

Winner: Leon Ventura

Lucy Von Drake vs. Jupiter James

The fans cheer the arrival of ‘the Queen’ Lucy Von Drake as she poses with her fans a ringside. After a few seconds, there is another big cheer from the crowd as Jupiter James makes her way down to the ring and poses with her fans. James and Von Drake stare each other down before the bell rings for the match to get started.

Both ladies show off some impressive athleticism around the ring, before the action spills to the outside of the ring and both Von Drake and James trade big right hands in front of the roaring crowd.

Jupiter James rolls Von Drake back into the ring and stomps away on the former oWo Woman’s Champion before looking for a submission victory. Lucy Von Drake battles bravely into the match, however Jupiter James lands a suplex and then a belly to belly suplex before making the cover. The fans are on their feet however the referee only makes a two count before the kick out! Jupiter can’t believe it, however she keeps her head and punishes Lucy Von Drake with some further suplexes allowing her to get the three count and pick up a somewhat surprise victory!

Winner: Jupiter James

High Voltage vs. The Union

The crowd cheer for the high energy entrance for High Voltage as ‘Flash’ Frankie York and Nate Adams make their way to the ring. Both men pose with the crowd before warming up in the corner of the ring. After a few seconds there is a loud cheer from the crowd as the oWo Tag Team Champions make their way down to the ring for the non title match.

The match is quickly underway, with York taking the match to the Union, before the Tag Team Champions manage to get control of the match with some frequent tags. York tries to score the victory with a submission, however Sid Ross escapes and takes the fight to his opponent. Nate Adams finally gets into the match and High Voltage double team Sid Ross which actually get’s some boos from the crowd. The action continues and it looks as if High Voltage will score the victory, however Harry Barnes is in and able to break up the cover and save the match!

High Voltage get several more near falls on the Tag Team Champions, however Ross and Barnes somehow kick out of everything thrown at them! York deals some stiff offence to Harry Barnes, but before he can make the cover Nate Adams tags himself back into the match and hits a splash to score the three count over the Tag Team Champions!

However despite scoring the victory, York is furious with his young protege for stealing the limelight and getting the cover himself!

Winners: High Voltage

CJ Dreamer vs. Larry Walker & Scotty Duncan

The fans cheer for the arrival of the oWo Champion as the legend CJ Dreamer makes his way down to the ring with the title belt around his waist. CJ Dreamer soaks in the cheers from the fans as he poses with the title belt whilst waiting for his opponents, looking confident about getting his revenge.

After a few seconds there are loud boos as Scotty Duncan and Larry Walker, collectively known as Old School make their way down to the ring and taunt the champion,

The referee wastes no time in calling for the bell to be rung, and the action is quickly under way with Dreamer trying to get the match finished early against the two men. Dreamer starts off well with some impressive moves, however the numbers game quickly catches up with the champion and Walker and Duncan use their experience to wear down the champion.

CJ Dreamer fights back with an amazing DDT onto Larry Walker however with the numbers advantage, his partner is able to make the save! CJ Dreamer shows why he is the oWo Champion as he bravely battles back against Old School, busting Scotty Duncan wide open. Dreamer lands the Sweet Dreams on Duncan and picks up the victory! Cyberslam heads off of the air with CJ Dreamer holding the oWo Championship in the air having got some revenge on Walker and Duncan!

Winner: CJ Dreamer

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