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oWo Cyberslam #288

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oWo Cyberslam #287
8th July 2019
Boston, MA

Single Match
‘The Total Package’ Josh Klien vs. ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson

The fans are pumped up for the opening match of the night as Klien and Anderson both make their entrances before squaring off in the middle of the ring. Klien looks pumped up and ready to make an impact whilst Angelo Anderson looks confident that he will be able to use his power and strength to pick up the win.

The bell rings and Anderson quickly loads Klein up onto his shoulders before slamming him down to the mat. Anderson looks impressed with his own move, but Klien quickly gains control of the match by laying into his opponent with some big kicks and stomps. The fans seem to be behind Angelo Anderson as he fights back with a scoop slam, however Klien gets back in control of the match with a vertical suplex followed up with a belly to back suplex and then a cover.

Anderson gets a shoulder up after the two count and tries to fight his way back into the match, only to eat a big boot to the face from Klien who makes another cover. Once again however Anderson stays in the match by getting a shoulder up off of the mat. Klien looks frustrated and the fans boo him loudly as he continues the offence with some stomps on his opponent before landing a diving head butt. Anderson knows the match is slipping away and he tries to fight his way back into the match with a fireman’s carry takedown, but Klien is straight back on his opponent with a big boot to the face.

Anderson fights back with some big right hands to Klien, but Klien counters with a side Russian leg sweep before making the cover and getting the two count. Anderson grabs the face of Klien and the fans cheer as he slams him face first into the turnbuckle for the count of ten, before landing a gut buster on his opponent! Klien slowly rises up to his feet, but Anderson lands a double handed chokeslam in the middle of the ring to pick up the three count!

After the match the referee raises the arm of Angelo Anderson in the air in victory. Surprisingly Josh Klien is gracious in defeat as he extends his hand to his opponent, and Anderson and Klien shake hands to the surprise of the crowd.

Winner via pinfall: Angelo Anderson

Single Match
‘The Queen’ Lucy Von Drake vs. Bee Picone

Both ladies make their entrances to the ring, with the crowd firmly in the corner of Lucy Von Drake who is looking to bounce back from a surprising loss to Jupiter James in singles action last week after she challenged the rest of the woman’s locker room to step up to her level.

Picone takes the advantage of her strength to gain control of the opening of the match as she throws her much smaller opponent around the ring with authority before locking in a camel clutch submission hold and looking for the win. However Lucy Von Drake shows her heart as she fights her way out of the submission hold before landing some stiff clotheslines on her opponent.

Bee Picone picks up her opponent and looks for a back breaker, before kicking Von Drake whilst she is down. Bee Picone pulls Von Drake to her feet before lifting her over her head and dropping her to the mat! Lucy Von Drake looks in pain as she counters with a jaw breaker, but Picone sends Von Drake to the corner of the ring before landing a clothesline in the corner.

Lucy von Drake stumbles out of the corner, but Bee Picone is there with a scoop slam and then a leg drop in the middle of the ring. Bee Picone drops and makes the cover, before picking up a surprise three count over the former woman’s champion!

Bee Picone celebrates like she has just won the woman’s title herself whilst Lucy Von Drake stumbles out of the ring. It seems that the challenge that Lucy Von Drake has lit a fire under the oWo woman’s division with LVD suffering two losses in two weeks!

Tag Team Match
High Voltage vs. Old School

In a match which could have title implications for the winners, High Voltage make their way down to the ring after seemingly having put their differences to one side after they defeated the oWo Tag Team Champions last week, before being followed down the ramp by Old School who are looking to bounce back after losing in a handicap match against CJ Dreamer in the main event last week.

Frankie York get’s the match started against the much bigger Larry Walker, and gets the early advantage with a big dropkick against the vetern. Walker makes the tag out to Scotty Duncan, who gets his team back into the match with a flapjack followed by a side walk slam on his opponent. Duncan lands some big right hands before sending York into the corner and hitting a clothesline.

‘Flash’ Frankie York shows his speed with some quick kicks, before Walker lands a belly to belly suplex on his opponent. Out of no where Frankie York knocks his opponent away before landing a Panama sunrise from the turnbuckle to get a two count. Nate Adams calls for the tag, but York seems reluctant to tag out until Duncan tags out to Walker and they both double team York. York is then forced to tag in the young Nate Adams, however Duncan uses his size to clothesline Adams out of the ring before slamming him head first around ringside.

Duncan lands a big slam on Adams on the outside of the ring as the referee’s count reaches an eight. Adams tries to fight back, but as he does the referee reaches a ten count and calls for the bell.

The fans begin to boo as the match is announced as a draw via countout, with neither team looking too happy about it!

Winner: Draw via countout.

Main Event Single Match
CJ Dreamer vs. ‘The Tank’ Leon Ventura

The fans are excited for the main event of the evening which pitches champion against champion! The oWo Champion CJ Dreamer is the first to make his way down to ringside with the title belt around his waist. CJ Dreamer is cheered on by the fans as he poses with the belt, before waiting for the arrival of his opponent.

After a few seconds ‘The Tank’ Leon Ventura, the current oWo Internet Champion makes his way down the entrance ramp with the title belt of his own around his waist. Ventura is looking to follow up from his win over Harrington Walters last week as he stares down the oWo Champion.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and both men quickly trade right hands before locking up. Ventura uses his strength to push Dreamer in the corner, before the referee has to break the hold. Dreamer then ties up with Ventura and pushes him into the corner, before the referee again has to break the hold. Dreamer quickly gets control with a high knee to the face of Ventura, before kicking away at the Internet Champion as he tries to get up.

Dreamer lands some more right hands on Ventura before landing a perfect dropkick on his opponent. Dreamer sends Ventura into the corner before landing a snake eyes on the turnbuckle. Ventura uses his strength to fight back with a clothesline before making a cover and getting a one count. Ventura quickly gets to his feet and lands a snap suplex before hitting Dreamer with big punches.

Dreamer follows up with another dropkick before making the cover, with the referee only getting to two before Ventura kicks out. Ventura stumbles up to his feet, however CJ Dreamer is waiting with a ‘Sweet Dreams’ to his opponent which allows up to make another cover and pick up the three count victory!

The fans cheer loudly as Dreamer stands in the middle of the ring and is handed the oWo Championship to celebrate the win as Cyberslam heading off of the air, with the fans wondering if anyone can knock off the legend CJ Dreamer in one on one action!

Winner via pinfall: CJ Dreamer

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