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oWo Cyberslam #289

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oWo Cyberslam #289
15th July 2019
Phoenix, AZ


The show kicks off as oWo Champion CJ Dreamer makes his way down to the ring to cheers from the crowd with a microphone in his hand. CJ Dreamer talks to the crowd about how he stuck around when the rest of the oWo stars left the night after SuperBrawl because they felt they could make more money at the new AAW wrestling promotion that was starting up. The fans booed the mention of AAW, however Dreamer went on to say that he had beaten everyone in front of him, but wanted someone, anyone, to step up and challenge him tonight in the main event!

The open challenge brings out ‘Magic’ Morales to the ring to cheers from the crowd. Morales quickly gets on the microphone and tells Dreamer that he also stuck around when his tag team partner and best friend left because he believes in the oWo and the oWo fans.

Morales tells Dreamer that he was the longest reigning Tag Team Champion of all time and could also be the longest reigning oWo Champion of all time, if he just got the opportunity!

Dreamer says an opportunity is just what he is handing out, and that all he asks is for Morales to bring his A game in the main event and show that he belongs in the same ring as the only legend in the oWo.

Morales nods his head and the fans cheer as the main event match between the two is set for tonight!

Single Match
Harrington Walters vs. ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson

The crowd boo as the cocky ‘Urban Gladiator’ Harrington Walters makes his entrance to the ring, as he looks to try and bounce back from his loss to oWo Internet Champion Leon Ventura two weeks ago on Cyberslam.

After a few seconds there are cheers as ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson stomps down to the ring looking to follow up his victory over Josh Klien last week on Cyberslam with another one this week to strengthen his claims for a shot at the oWo Internet Championship belt.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung, and the action is quickly under way. Harrington Walters takes the early advantage over his opponent with some big right hands, however Anderson fires back with some rights of his own before handing Walters up on the top rope. Anderson stomps away on his opponent, but Walters counters with a leg sweep.

Harrington Walters gets to his feet and looks for a big hurricanrana on his opponent! Anderson looks in trouble as Walters continues the offence, before Anderson knocks him away with a big kick. Anderson lands some mounted punches on Walters before making a cover, but only gets a two count from the referee.

Anderson lands a big slam in the middle of the ring before taunting the fans, and landing a running knee to the side of his opponents face. Anderson follows up with a fall away slam before making another cover in the middle of the ring. The referee quickly drops down and counts the three, and it’s another impressive win for ‘Unbreakable’ Angelo Anderson!

Anderson celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring as Harrington Walters rolls out and makes his way backstage. With two wins in two weeks for Angelo Anderson, does he now have Leon Ventura and the oWo Internet Championship in his sights?

Winner via pinfall: Angelo Anderson

Single Match
‘The Queen’ Lucy Von Drake vs. ‘Loco’ Lopez

Lucy Von Drake makes her way down to the ring with her usual energy despite suffering two losses in as many weeks after calling out the women’s locker room on twitter. After a few seconds of LVD taunting the fans at ringside, there are cheers as the masked ‘Loco’ Lopez makes her way down to the ring and dives straight in under the bottom rope.

Lopez uses her massive size advantage over Lucy Von Drake to take advantage of the early going of the match with a big dropkick, however Von Drake fights back by targeting the arm of her opponent, before throwing her into the ropes and landing a flying forearm. Lopez fights back with a hurricanrana before hitting bit right hands on Von Drake. Von Drake battles back with a bulldog, before somehow picking Lopez up and hitting a flapjack!

Von Drake drops Lopez face first on the turnbuckle, before hitting a powerbomb out of the corner! Lopez somehow stumbles up, and Von Drake lands a suplex on ‘Loco’ Lopez! Von Drake waits for Lopez to slowly get to her feet, before landing a big superkick and making the cover to pick up the three count!

Von Drake celebrates with relief in the middle of the ring at getting back to winning ways, but can she also get back in the hunt for the oWo Woman’s title?

Winner via pinfall: Lucy Von Drake

Main Event Singles Match CJ Dreamer vs. ‘Magic’ Morales

In the main event of the evening, Magic Morales looks to kick start his singles career in the oWo against the current oWo Champion! CJ Dreamer makes his entrance to the ring first with the oWo Championship belt around his waist. CJ Dreamer looks confident at coming out with the victory after his promo at the start of the show brought about the challenge of Morales.

As Dreamer paces around the ring, the fans cheer for ‘Magic’ Morales as the former oWo Tag Team Champion steps onto the top of the entrance ramp before running down towards the ring! Morales dives into the ring and gets ready for the action to start!

Dreamer get’s the match started off strongly with some stiff offence including a back breaker to keep the high flyer grounded in the middle of the ring. Morales manages to fight back with an arm drag, but Dreamer hits a flapjack before making the cover on his opponent and getting a two count.

Morales fights back and lands a spinning slam on the champion before going for a quick cover of his own and getting a two count. Morales lands a head scissors takedown, however Dreamer sweeps the legs of his opponent to get back into control of the match. Dreamer lands a gut buster on Morales to inflict some damage, however Morales kicks out of another pin attempt!

Morales quickly rolls Dreamer up with a school boy, however Dreamer gets a kick out after two. Morales follows up with two clotheslines followed by a dropkick, before locking Dreamer into an arm bar in the middle of the ring! Dreamer manages to roll out to escape, before landing a Sweet Dreams on Morales in the middle of the ring!

The fans cheer loudly as Dreamer’s hand is raised in the air in victory after a tough victory over Morales who answered the open challenge! However yet again oWo Cyberslam heads off of the air with CJ Dreamer celebrating with the title in the middle of the ring!

Winner via pinfall: CJ Dreamer

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