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oWo Cyberslam #290

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Less than 24 hours from last night's oWo Fallout 2019 iPPV, the superstars of the oWo are back in action with another episode of Cyberslam!

oWo Cyberslam #290
22nd July 2019
Baton Rouge, LA

Non Title Tag Team Match
High Voltage vs. Old School

After the huge victory for High Voltage last night where they captured the oWo Tag Team Championships against the Union, the fans are pumped up to see Frankie York and Nate Adams in action as they take on the team of Old School!

Scotty Duncan and Larry Walker of Old School look like they want to make a mark of their own against the Tag Team Champions as they dominate the early match up, isolating the much smaller Nate Adams in the corner of the ring and managing to get some near falls on the youngster after some impressive suplexes and slams. ‘Flash’ Frankie York paces back and forth on the ring apron like a lion as he awaits the tag into the match, however everytime Adams crawls towards him he is cut off by one of the members of the Old School.

Old School continue to dominate the match up, however Nate Adams is able to fight back with a flying forearm to the face of Duncan to knock him down, before making the hot tag to York! York jumps into the ring to a pop from the crowd and knocks down both of his opponents with clotheslines, before hitting a pair of dropkicks to clear the ring! Duncan and Walker try to regroup on the outside of the ring, however York wastes no time as he lands a suicide dive through the ropes to send both men flying!

York and Duncan climb back into the ring, and York tries to send Duncan into the ropes, however Duncan reverse and lands a clothesline on the corner! Duncan looks for the cover, however York gets a shoulder up. Duncan lifts York up and places him on the turnbuckle, however York kicks Duncan away to stop him being able to look for a superplex.

York leaps from the top rope and lands a tornado DDT onto Duncan to spike his head into the mat before making the cover and scoring the three count!

The fans pop for the result as High Voltage celebrate with their title belts in the middle of the ring.

Winners via pinfall: High Voltage

Single Match
Victor Holland vs. Harrington Walters

Harrington Walters looks to follow up on his big iPPV victory last night at Fallout, whilst newcomer Victor Holland looks for his first oWo victory after losing last night in his debut match against Rick Reid.

The fans are firmly behind Victor Holland in the early going of the match as he lays into Walters with right hands, before throwing him around the ring to highlight his power advantage over his opponent. The cocky young Harrington Walters fights back into the match as he targets the leg of his opponent, before looking for a submission victory with a figure four leg lock, only for Holland to be able to make it to the bottom rope and break the submission hold.

The fans boo Harrington Walters as he taunts Holland getting back to his feet with a painful leg, however Holland fires back with right hands before sending his opponent to the ropes and taking him down with a big back body drop. Walters stumbles up to his feet, but Holland is there once again with a spinning sitout powerbomb into a cover which get’s a two count.

Harrington Walters stumbles up and rakes the eyes of his opponent to try and get himself back into the match, before hitting a side Russian leg sweep on his opponent. Harrington Walters signals for his finishing move, but as he pulls Holland up to his feet, Holland hooks his opponent and rolls him up for the cover and scores the three count!

The fans cheer as Victory Holland quickly rolls out of the ring and celebrates picking up his first oWo victory, whilst Harrington Walters sits in the ring looking shocked that he lost the match.

Winner via pinfall: Victor Holland

Ringside w/Jupiter James

The fans cheer as the new oWo Women’s Champion Jupiter James steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with the title belt over her shoulder! Jupiter James walks down towards the ring and slaps hands with the fans cheering her on before climbing into the ring and grabbing a microphone from the ring announcer.

Jupiter James: “Last night I walked into the main event of Fallout 2019 and made history!”

There are cheers from the fans as the highlights of last night’s main event as shown on the giant screen in the arena.

Jupiter James: “No one gave me a chance in that match before hand, everyone thought that Emily Shaw was going to retain the belt or Lucy Von Drake was going to win it again and they all thought that I was just there to make up the numbers!”

James holds the oWo Women’s Championship up into the air!

Jupiter James: “However with all my fans behind me I knew that I would be going home with this!”

The fans continue to cheer James, however after a few seconds the good mood of the new champion is changed as Lucy Von Drake marches down the entrance ramp with a microphone to interrupt!

Lucy Von Drake: “Jupiter, your right that no one gave you a chance last night, including me!”

James looks offended at Lucy Von Drake’s comments, but LVD continues to speak.

Lucy Von Drake: “However you proved everyone wrong so I am out here to say congratulations!”

The fans cheer as Lucy Von Drake and Jupiter James shake hands in the middle of the ring and all seems friendly, until Jupiter James turns to walk away and Lucy Von Drake doesn’t let go of her hand and pulls her in.

Lucy Von Drake: “Congratulations but I am coming for that title!”

Von Drake and Jupiter James stare each other for a few seconds, before Lucy Von Drake turns and leaves the ring with a smile on her face.

Main Event Match
CJ Dreamer vs. Leon Ventura

CJ Dreamer makes her way down to the ring for his match against Leon Ventura, with Ventura looking to bounce back after losing the oWo Internet Championship last night against Angelo Anderson! CJ Dreamer looks in confident mood after he retained his oWo Championship last night in singles action against ‘Magic’ Morales!

Dreamer climbs into the ring and holds his title belt in the air, however before his opponent can even make an entrance there is shock in the arena as Magic Morales jumps out of the crowd and slides into the ring, before attacking CJ Dreamer from behind! Morales stomps CJ Dreamer down to the mat, before referee’s swarm down to the ring to try and break up the two fighters and friends!

CJ Dreamer looks furious as he breaks through the referees to attack Morales, and the pair continue to brawl until they are broken up again!

Cyberslam heads off of the air in chaos with the oWo Champion and last night’s unsuccessful challenger at each other’s throats!

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