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oWo Cyberslam #291

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After last weeks explosive confrontation between CJ Dreamer and 'Magic' Morales, the two former friends go one on one in the main event!

oWo Cyberslam #291
29th July 2019
East Lansing, MI

Non Title Match
Jupiter James vs. Bee Picone

The fans in the arena are pumped for the opening match of the night with the oWo Women’s Champion Jupiter James in action for the first time since winning the title belt at the Fallout 2019 iPPV! Bee Picone takes control of the early going of the match, using her size advantage to take on the champion and throw her around the ring with ease!

Jupiter tries to fight her way back into the match with some big right hands, however Picone knocks her down with a big boot to the face, before landing a side walk slam and looking for a cover, only getting a two count. Picone looks surprised at the boos she is getting from the fans as she lays into Jupiter James with some big right hands followed by a head butt. Picone taunts for her finishing move, however Jupiter James blocks with a hip toss before landing a dropkick to her opponent!

Picone gets to her feet and looks for a clothesline, however James ducks under the arm and nails a belly to belly suplex on her opponent to take her down to the mat, before making the cover and scoring the three count!

The fans cheer loudly as Jupiter James climbs the neatest turnbuckle and holds her belt high in the air in victory. As Jupiter James celebrates, Lucy Von Drake steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp and slowly claps the new champion!

Winner via pinfall: Jupiter James

Single Match
Emily Shaw vs. Lopez

Former oWo Women’s Champion Emily Shaw makes a quick start to the match, trying to take out her anger at losing the title as she attacks ‘Loco’ Lopez right from the opening bell. Lopez looks to use her size advantage to get back into the match with some quick slams to Shaw, but Shaw fights back with some big dropkicks before tactically working over the legs of her opponent.

Shaw shouts at Lopez to get to her feet before managing to take her down with a suplex, before flipping her over and locking in an arm bar submission hold! Lopez reaches desperately for the ropes, however Shaw pulls her back into the middle of the ring and Lopez has no choice but to tap out!

The referee calls for the bell, and Shaw keeps the hold on for a few seconds longer than needed before letting go! The referee tries to raise Shaw’s arm in the air in victory, but Shaw pushes the referee away and grabs a microphone!

Shaw waits for the crowd to stop booing her, but before she can speak she is suddenly attacked from behind by oWo newcomer ‘Hot’ Holly Knight! Knight stomps down Shaw, before grabbing hold of the microphone and slamming it into the face of Emily Shaw to leave her laying!

Winner via pinfall: Emily Shaw

Single Match
Harrington Walters vs. Rick Reid

After losing last week to newcomer Victor Holland, Harrington Walters looks to bounce back to winning ways as he takes on another newcomer in the form of ‘Razor’ Rick Reid! Reid towers over Walters in the middle of the ring as he starts the match off strongly looking for his second win in the oWo! Reid lays into Walters with his hard hitting punches in the middle of the ring, before throwing him around with some big suplexes.

Reid looks for a cover on his opponent, however the youngster kicks out after a two count. Reid doesn’t look impressed at his opponent kicking out, as he continues the offence with some big stomps and kicks to keep the youngster down on the mat. Harrington Walters is finally able to get to a standing position however Reid lands a knee to the midsection before pulling Walters up and dropping him on his neck with a jackknife powerbomb! Reid makes the cover and picks up the easy three count!

Winner via pinfall: Rick Reid

Single Match
CJ Dreamer vs. Morales

On what started off as a friendly rivalry, there is clear bad blood between oWo Champion CJ Dreamer and ‘Magic’ Morales as the pair meet in the middle of the ring with wild right hands right from the opening bell. Morales gets the better of the exchange, and he seems to have a renewed fire as he flies around the ring punishing the champion with some high flying hard hitting moves before making the cover, and scoring a two count.

Dreamer however, shows why he is the champion as he fights back with his trademark technical offence, working on the back of his opponent with some stiff back breakers that slow down the high flyer. Morales tries to fight his way back into the match up after his early flying start, however CJ Dreamer keeps him grounded before putting him away with a ‘Sweet Dreams’!

CJ Dreamer has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee and is handed his oWo Championship belt. However CJ Dreamer stops his opponent from leaving the ring and offers his hand in friendship in an attempt to squash the bad blood that has developed between the two former friends.

Morales looks around at the fans willing him to shake the hand of Dreamer, before slapping it away and leaving the ring! The fans boo loudly as Morales backs up the entrance ramp, signalling back to the champion that he isn’t done with Dreamer or the oWo Championship just yet!

Winner via pinfall: CJ Dreamer

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