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oWo Cyberslam #297

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Less than 24 hours since the Last Stand iPPV, the stars of the oWo are back in action with Cyberslam!

oWo Cyberslam #297
9th September 2019
T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada


The fans are on their feet in the arena for the start of oWo Cyberslam as a video package from last night’s iPPV plays on the giant screen! Footage from oWo Last Stand 2019 is shown including Rick Reid capturing the oWo Internet Championship, The Union winning the oWo Tag Team Championships, Holly Knight scoring an impressive win over Emily Shaw, Jupiter James defending the oWo Women’s Championship against Lucy Von Drake and former sVo legend Johnny All-Star making a shocking apperance after the main event where CJ Dreamer defended his oWo Championship!

The camera pans around the fans packed into the arena, with all of them pumped for another night of action!

Single Match
Harrington Walters vs. Josh Klien

“The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring hits the sound system and the fans boo loudly as Harrington Walters cockily steps onto the top of the entrance ramp with his arms in the air! Walters poses at the top of the entrance ramp, and the fans boo loudly the self proclaimed ‘Urban Gladiator’. Walters waves away the boos before running down the entrance ramp and sliding head first into the ring. Walters quickly jumps to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and nods his head in time with the music attempting to look cool. The fans continue to boo Walters as the music slowly fades out and he warms up for the match with some shadow boxing in the corner.

“No Hands” by Waka Flocka Flame hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky Josh Klien slowly struts out onto the top of the entrance ramp and poses for the fans! Klien waves away the boos as he struts down the entrance ramp and confidently climbs into the ring. Klien poses for the fans one last time, before music slowly fades out.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action is quickly underway between the two oWo youngsters. Walters and Klien tie up in the middle of the ring and try and push each other backwards in a test of strength, with Klien using his size to get the advantage over Walters. Klein scoops Walters up into the air before dropping him down to the mat with a stiff scoop slam. Walters tries to get back to his feet but Klien hammers away on him with some big right hands to the side of his opponents face.

Klein pulls Walters up and sends him into the corner of the ring with an irish whip. Klien punishes his opponent with some stiff kicks in the corner of the ring, before retreating back to the opposite side of the ring. The fans boo Klien as he cockily taunts to them before running at Walters in the corner looking for a splash, however Walters dives out of the way of his opponent causing Klien to hit hard! Walters wastes no time in rolling up his opponent from behind however only gets a two count from the referee.

Klein gets to his feet holding his chest in pain, but Walters punishes him with some stiff chops across the chest before sending him into the ring ropes and landing a back elbow as he bounces back. With Klien down on the mat, Walters stomps away on the upper body of his opponent before shouting at him to get up! Klien slowly rises up to his feet but as he does Walters lands an impressive dropkick to send him back to the mat before making another cover! The referee drops to count the cover, but Klien gets a shoulder up before the three count!

Harrington Walters calls for Klein to get back to his feet before looking for a clothesline as the big man gets up. However Klien absorbs the clothesline from Walters before knocking him backwards with a big head butt! Walters staggers backwards and Josh Klien is quickly there with a belly to belly suplex to take him down onto the mat! Klien taunts his opponent before bouncing into the ring ropes and landing a big splash in the middle of the ring! Klien makes the cover, however Harrington Walters somehow stays in the match as he kicks out on two!

Klien looks to be getting angry with his inability to put away his opponent as he calls for his finishing move! Klien waits for Harrington Walters to get up to his feet before placing him down on the mat with a snapmare takedown. Klien gives one last kick to Walters for good measure, before making his way to the top rope! The fans rise to their feet as Klien leaps from the top rope looking for a big splash, however Walters rolls out of the way at the last second causing the big man to hit the mat hard!

Josh Klien slowly staggers up to his feet in pain, but Harrington Walters is there with a quick double arm DDT to take down the big man! Walters quickly makes the cover and picks up the three count! There are loud boos from the crowd as ‘The Urban’ Gladiator rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory! Walters continues to celebrate the victory wildly around the ring despite the reaction from the crowd!

Winner via pinfall: Harrington Walters


The cameras head backstage where there is an argument that has broken out between the new oWo Tag Team Champions the Union and the former Champions High Voltage after the controversial title change last night at Last Stand 2019! All four men are being held back by referees and other oWo officials, but seem ready to tear each other apart!

Frankie York: “You snakes! We had an agreement, if the masked men get involved then we take them out and let the best team win!”

Harry Barnes: “Honestly guys, we had no idea they were getting involved in the match! We didn’t know what had happened until after the match and we watched the replays back!”

Nate Adams: “You expect us to believe that? You distracted the referee for them to get involved! You stole those belts because you couldn’t beat us two on two!”

Sid Ross: “We won these belts because we are the best team in the oWo! Forget about anyone else getting involved, we will take you on in a rematch any time any place!”

The four men are eventually separated, but despite seemingly having an agreement heading into their match last night, the attacks once again from the mystery masked men have once again driven a huge wedge between the two teams!

Single Match
Violet Hawkins vs. Bee Picone

With Bee Picone already in the ring, Boos ring out around the arena as ‘Violent’ Violet Hawkins steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with ‘Heathens’ by Twenty One Pilots blasting over the sound system. Hawkins jogs on the spot for a few seconds at the top of the ramp before slowly walking down to the ring with a steely look on her face. Hawkins climbs quickly into the ring and warms up in the corner of the ring.

With both ladies not being involved in last night’s iPPV, the spotlight is firmly on Violet Hawkins and Bee Picone as they circle around each other in the middle of the ring ahead of their match up! Picone jumps forward right from the opening bell looking to avenge her loss from a few weeks ago against Hawkins, and lays into her with big right hands from the opening bell. Hawkins tries to battle back, but Picone uses her size advantage to toss Hawkins into the corner of the ring and follow up with a big splash.

Hawkins staggers out of the corner and Picone slams her down to the mat with a side walk slam before looking for an early cover, however Hawkins gets a shoulder up before the three can be counted by the referee. Picone shouts at Hawkins a few times before stomping away on the undefeated newcomer, before bouncing into the ring ropes and looking for a big leg drop across her upper body. However Hawkins sees the move coming and rolls out of the way, before bouncing into the ropes and landing a diving dropkick to the face of her seated opponent.

Hawkins follows up with some stiff forearm shots as Picone gets back up to her feet, before landing a big head butt to send her down! Hawkins taunts to the fans who boo her loudly, before she bounces into the ropes and lands a rolling knee drop onto her opponent. Hawkins taunts Picone to get to her feet before looking for a rolling arm bar, however Picone uses her size and strength advantage to fight off Hawkins!

Picone looks for a clothesline on Hawkins, but Hawkins ducks the arm of her opponent before landing some stiff kicks to the knee of her opponent to chop her down to size. With Picone down on one knee, the fans boo as Hawkins jumps up and manages to lock in the rolling arm bar on her opponent! Picone tries to get to the bottom rope, but after a few seconds of being locked in the painful hold she has no choice but to tap out!

The fans boo loudly as Hawkins keeps the arm bar locked in for a few more seconds, trying to injure her opponent before finally releasing the hold and getting to her feet. Hawkins has her arm raised in the air by the referee, before she quickly climbs out of the ring and makes her way to the back with yet another win under her belt!

Winner via submission: Violet Hawkins

oWo Cyberslam – Every Monday Night!

All-Star Signing

As Cyberslam returns from a commercial break the oWo Owner Amy Page is already in the ring with a microphone in her hand and a table set up in the ring. Page quickly addresses the crowd.

Amy Page: “Last night at the Last Stand iPPV we saw one of the biggest shocks in the history of the oWo as Johnny All-Star made his first appearance after the main event. Now myself and the representatives of Mr All Star have been in discussion for weeks now but he has yet to sign a oWo contract and appeared last night on nothing more than a handshake agreement.”

The fans cheer loudly for All-Star as highlights of his shocking appearance last night are shown on the giant screen.

Amy Page: “Instead Johnny wanted to come out here in front of his home town crowd and announce his return to the wrestling business!”

“Time to go to work baybee…. Let’s do it.”

Johnny All-Star’s voice imitating Elvis Presley fills the arena as “Viva Las Vegas” by Metal Elvis begins to play.

Various images of iconic Las Vegas and Johnny All-Star play out on the V-Tron as spotlights move throughout the crowd, all finally coming to stop on a hooded Johnny All-Star somewhere in the audience as he is making his way through the crowd.

The spotlight follows All-Star making his way through the screaming fans as he finally makes his way down hopping over the security barricade. Posing for a few photos, he shrugs off the robe tossing it into the audience before pulling himself up into the ring!

Johnny All-Star soaks in the cheers from the fans for a few more seconds, before taking the contract from Amy Page and signing his name on the dotted line to be an active member of the oWo roster! The fans cheer as All-Star hands the contract back to Page, and in exchange asks for the microphone. All-Star has to wait for the cheers to die down before addressing his hometown crowd.

Johnny All-Star: “Now me and Amy Page go way back, way back to the days of the sVo…. Just like me and Las Vegas go way back!”

Loud pop from the crowd.

Johnny All-Star: “Now I have been keeping tabs on the oWo over the years since it rose from the ashes of the sVo, but I have always watched from afar. That was until I saw CJ Dreamer crying about the lack of competition around here!”

All-Star marches around the ring with the microphone in hand, feeling at home back in the ring.

Johnny All-Star: “Now I know there has been a lot of changes on the oWo roster lately, but I am here with one goal in mind and that is to win that oWo Championship belt, something I never quite managed to do in my career so far! So Dreamer, if you want competition let me officially announce, you got it!”

All-Star hands the microphone back to Amy Page before climbing out of the ring as an official member of the oWo roster, posing with pictures with fans at ringside before making his way backstage!

Single Match
Victor Holland vs. Scotty Duncan

The fans in the arena cheer as “Knock Your Self Out” by Jadakiss hits the sound system and the stage is basked in a green glow. After a few seconds ‘The Natural’ Victor Holland steps out from behind the curtain and poses at the top of the entrance ramp, drawing another big cheer from the crowd. Holland slowly moves down the entrance ramp, scanning the fans in the front few rows and exchanging high fives. Holland finally rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and poses on the nearest turnbuckle as his music begins to fade out.

The famous loud claps of “We Will Rock You” by Queen echos around the arena as the team of Old School walk out onto the top of the entrance ramp and stand looking out at the crowd who are booing them loudly. Larry Walker and Scotty Duncan nod to each other before marching down the entrance ramp, ignoring all of the fans at ringside and climbing straight into the ring. Duncan and Walker psych each other up in the corner of the ring as they prepare for the battle ahead.

The referee calls for the bell to be rung and the action is quickly under way as Holland and Duncan circle around each other waiting for the other to make the first move. Duncan quickly springs forward looking for a right hand, but Holland ducks the punch and lands some knees to the midsection of his opponent. Holland shoots Duncan into the ring ropes before landing a shoulder block to send Duncan down to the mat.

Duncan quickly gets up to his feet and Holland lands some more big right hands, before landing a neckbreaker to take Duncan back down to the mat before making another cover. The referee drops down to make the cover, but Duncan manages to get a shoulder up before the three count. Larry Walker cheers his tag team partner on from ringside, as Holland pulls Walker up to a sitting position and locks in a side head lock to try and wear him down.

The fans boo loudly as Walker jumps up onto the ring apron to distract the referee, which allows Duncan the chance to escape from the submission hold by raking the eyes of his opponent! Duncan gets back up to his feet and kicks away at Victor Holland as he tries to get him up to his feet. Duncan punishes his opponent with some stiff chops across the chest of his opponent before sending Holland into the corner of the ring. Duncan follows up with a clothesline in the corner of the ring, before following up with an atomic drop.

Holland looks in pain on the mat as Duncan taunts to the crowd, who loudly boo him. Duncan signals to the crowd with what he thinks of them as he waits for Holland to get to his feet. Holland slowly stumbles up and Duncan lands a stun gun on Holland into a neckbreaker! With Holland down on the mat, Duncan quickly makes the cover but only gets a two count! Scotty Duncan can’t believe it as he gets to his feet and argues with the referee!

Duncan finally turns his attention back to Holland, as he pulls him to his feet and whips him into the ring ropes. Holland bounces back and ducks under an attempted clothesline from Duncan before landing a baseball slide to knock down Larry Walker on the outside of the ring! Duncan tries to get some revenge for his partner, but Holland ducks under the arms of his opponent and bounces into the ropes before knocking him down with a shoulder block!

Holland feels the momentum of the crowd turning as he waits for Duncan to get to his feet before landing a spinebuster in the middle of the ring!

Duncan looks in pain, but Holland shows no mercy as he loads his opponent onto his shoulders and hits a ‘Natural Driver’ onto Duncan! The fans cheer as Holland drops down and makes the cover, scoring the three count!

The fans cheer loudly as Victor Holland rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in victory by the referee. Holland quickly climbs out of the ring and celebrates with the fans at ringside as an angry Larry Walker jumps into the ring! Holland backs up the entrance ramp having got back to winning ways, as Cyberslam slowly draws to a close for another week!

Winner via pinfall: Victor Holland

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