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oWo Cyberslam #306

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oWo Cyberslam #306
11th November 2019
Talking Stick Resort Arena, Phoenix, Arizona

AC/DC – If You Want Blood hits the sound system as the entrance package for oWo Cyberslam plays to kick off the show! The video package highlights exciting action from the likes of CJ Dreamer, Johnny All Star, ‘Magic’ Morales and ‘Razor’ Rick Reid before the shot cuts to the live camera inside the arena. The camera pans around the sold out crowd who are holding up a variety of signs supporting their favourite oWo fighters! The music continues to blast out over the arena sound speakers as pyro shoots up from the entrance stage before a run down of tonight’s matches are shown on the giant video screen, including a main event match which will see Rick Reid defend his oWo Internet Championship belt!

Contract Signing Pt1

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The cameras head to the backstage area where in the parking lot, Johnny All Star has just arrived in the arena! As All Star makes his way towards the entrance to the arena, he is quickly pounced upon by preppy interview Katie Smith looking for an exclusive.

Katie Smith: “Johnny, It’s a surprise to see you here tonight. Have you got a match ahead of next Sunday’s PPV?”

All Star continues to walk as Katie Smith walks alongside him with a microphone in hand.

Johnny All Star: “No match tonight Katie, I am here to sign my contract for the oWo Championship match next week. Let’s just hope that Dreamer is man enough to show up like a man and sign the contract as well.”

Smith’s eyes grow wide with surprise at the exclusive as All Star disappears behind the door marked ‘talent’ and the camera fades out.

Back on Track

Wrestler 1

Backstage in the locker room area, the Rebellion are sitting and watching footage from a few weeks ago where they were defeated by the oWo Tag Team Champions The Union on Cyberslam. Christian Cashman and Xander Young look focused on the footage, as Sara Young gives the pair a pep talk.

Sara Young: “Look guys, we came here to the oWo to start a movement. It took us months to get our foot in the door and get a spot, we aren’t going to lose it all because of that one match.”

Xander Young and Cashman are silent as they stare at the screen.

Sara Young: “Now I have done my bit, I have won my first two matches. Tonight you need to do your bits and earn another shot at the Union. We have beaten High Voltage already, tonight we do it again!”

The camera fades out back to ringside with the Rebellion left to mentally prepare for their match later tonight against High Voltage where a #1 contender for the oWo Tag Team Championships will be decided!

Single Match
Teddy Rush vs. Harrington Walters

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

“The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring hits the sound system and the fans boo loudly as Harrington Walters cockily steps onto the top of the entrance ramp with his arms in the air! Walters poses at the top of the entrance ramp, and the fans boo loudly the self proclaimed ‘Urban Gladiator’. Walters waves away the boos before running down the entrance ramp and sliding head first into the ring. Walters quickly jumps to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and nods his head in time with the music attempting to look cool. The fans continue to boo Walters as the music slowly fades out and he warms up for the match with some shadow boxing in the corner.

‘Flashing Lights’ by Kanye West hits the sound system and the fans boo loudly as the arena is basking in a golden glow. After a few seconds Teddy Rush slowly struts out onto the top of the entrance ramp and poses, causing the boos to increase in volume. Rush looks out in disdain at the crowd before strutting down the entrance ramp and climbing slowly into the ring. Rush removes his entrance jacket and passes it to the ring announcer, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle and soaking in the boos from the crowd with a smirk on his face.

The referee calls for the bell and the opening match of the night is underway as Rush and Walters circle around each other before tying up with a collar and elbow tie up in the middle of the ring. Both men try and push each other back in a test of strength, however with Walters getting the upper hand, Rush lands a knee the midsection before taking him down with a side Russian leg sweep. Walters angrily rises up to his feet and lands some big right hands on his opponent before sending him into the ropes. Walters looks for a big back body drop, however Rush lands a face buster on Walters.

Walters rises up to his feet holding his face in pain, and Rush follows up with a downward spiral in the middle of the ring before making a quick cover and getting a two count. The fans continue to boo Rush loudly as his attack of Victor Holland last week, however Rush waves off the reaction from the crowd as he stomps away on Walters as he tries to get to his feet. Rush sends Walters into the corner of the ring and lands a clothesline, however the clothesline doesn’t knock Walters down off of his feet! Walters lands a big head butt on Rush before landing a snap suplex!

Walters lands some mounted punches on Rush, before Rush is able to squirm his way out of the grasp of his opponent and roll to the outside of the ring under the bottom rope. Rush staggers around the ringside area as the nearside fans boo him loudly, however Walters isn’t in the mood to let his opponent recover as he climbs out of the ring after his opponent! Walters grabs Rush from behind and tries to throw him into the steel ring steps, however Rush counters and sends Walters into the steps!

The referee shouts at both men to take the action back into the ring, however Rush follows up by slamming Walters knee into the steel steps again before rolling into the ring. With Walters on the outside of the ring and hurting, the fans boo even louder as Rush shouts at the referee to count his opponent out! Rush looks like he is happy to win via countout as he relaxes in the corner of the ring! However before the referee can make it to ten, Harrington Walters somehow crawls back into the ring to break the count!

Rush doesn’t look at all happy at Walters making it back into the ring, as he springs forward from the corner and lands a superkick on Harrington Walters to send him down to the mat! Rush taunts once again to the fans who boo him loudly, before pulling Walters to his feet and landing the ‘Total Rush’ in the middle of the ring! With Harrington Walters down and hurting, Teddy Rush quickly makes the cover by hooking the leg!




It’s all over and Teddy Rush is back to winning ways! Teddy Rush demands that the referee quickly raises his arm in the air in victory as the fans continue to boo. The referee checks on the condition of Harrington Walters, but just when it looks like Teddy Rush is going to leave the ring, he looks like he has second thoughts as he sees Harrington Walters being checked on!

The fans boo loudly as Rush turns back to Walters and begins to stomp away on the ‘Urban Gladiator’! The referee tries to wave Teddy Rush off, however suddenly there is a big pop as Victor Holland comes running down the entrance ramp and slides into the ring! Teddy Rush sees Holland coming and quickly bails out of the ring before cowardly retreating back up the entrance ramp, wanting no part of the man he attacked from behind last week!

Holland shouts at Rush to be a man and face him in the ring, but Rush waves Holland off and disappears around the curtain to the backstage area!

Winner via pinfall: Teddy Rush

Settle the Score

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The camera heads to the backstage area where Angelo Anderson is in the locker room, watching the action from the ring on one of the nearby monitors. Anderson is dressed in street clothes, not booked for action tonight. However Anderson looks like he is ready to throw down regardless as the locker room door opens and in walks Leon Ventura!

Anderson quickly jumps up to his feet and cocks his fists, however Leon Ventura looks like he isn’t here to fight.

Leon Ventura: “Wow, relax their unbreakable….”

Angelo Anderson: “What the hell do you want Ventura? I beat your ass last week in the middle of that ring, it’s over between the two of us!”

Leon Ventura: “Over? Hell no unbreakable it ain’t over! The way I see it I beat you and now you beat me. We need to do this one more time to settle the score, decide who the best is once and for all.”

Anderson relaxes his fists a little and looks like he is considering things.

Leon Ventura: “What’s the matter unbreakable? You pussy?”

Angelo Anderson: “No man let’s do this thing right here right now!”

Anderson cocks his fists ready to throw down again, but Ventura shakes his finger.

Leon Ventura: “Control yourself man. If we are going to do this let’s make sure we do this on the biggest stage. You and me on Sunday at Locked & Loaded. Let’s find out who is the best once and for all!”

Anderson nods his acceptance and both men lock eyes for a few seconds, before Ventura turns and leaves the locker room leaving Anderson to contemplate his upcoming iPPV match.

#1 Contenders Tag Team Match
High Voltage vs. The Rebellion

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The lights in the arena cut to black as ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ by #NerdOut hits the sound system. The fans boo loudly as after a few seconds a spotlight appears on the top of the entrance ramp which Sara Young steps into. Sara Young stares menacingly out at the crowd before Xander Young and Christian Cashman step into the light either side of her. The three members of Rebellion stand at the top of the entrance ramp for a few seconds, before marching through the darkness down the entrance ramp towards the ring, with the spotlight flashing on and off of them. The three members of Rebellion step up into the ring as the lights in the arena slowly begin to fade up.

“Elevate” by DJ Khalil hits the sound system and the fans are pumped as Frankie York and Nate Adams strut onto the top of the entrance ramp. Adams and York show great energy as they move down the entrance ramp getting the crowd pumped up before climbing into the ring and standing on opposite corners of the ring to signal to the crowd.

The referee calls for the bell to be ring, and the action is quickly underway with Young and Nate Adams starting things off for their teams. Both men circle around each other in the middle of the ring before Young lands some big kicks to the leg of his opponent. Nate Adams fires back with some right hands, however Young absorbs the punches before taking down Adams with a snapmare takedown. With Adams in a sitting position, Young bounces into the ropes and looks for a knee to the face of his opponent, only for Adams to duck out of the way.

Adams bounces into the ring ropes himself before taking down his opponent with a flying forearm. With Young down in the middle of the ring, Adams stomps down on his opponent before making his way over and making the tag out to Frankie York. York quickly jumps into the ring himself and lands some big right hands to Young as he gets to his feet, before taking him back down to the mat with a snap suplex. York follows up by bouncing into the ropes and looking for an elbow drop on his opponent, however Young dodges the elbow drop and then lands a big kick to the face of his opponent to send York down. With York down, Young dives over and makes the tag out to Christian Cashman.

Cashman climbs into the ring and lands a clothesline on York to send him back down to the mat, before stomping away on his opponent. York gets back up to his feet but Cashman is there again with an atomic drop to send the former Tag Team Champion down, before making the cover and getting a two count from the referee. The fans cheer York on, but Cashman keeps the offence going as he locks on a side headlock to wear down his opponent.

York uses the momentum from the fans to fight his way back up to a standing position with some big back elbows, before freeing himself from the side head lock. The fans cheer as York lands a big dropkick on his opponent before following it up with a neckbreaker! York makes the cover on Cashman, but Xander Young dives into the ring to make the save before the three can be counted!

The fans boo loudly as the referee orders Xander Young out of the ring, but with the referee’s back turned Sara Young rolls into the ring and lands a low blow on Frankie York, before rolling back out of the ring! The referee turns and wonders what has happened as Nate Adams tries to protest to the referee! Cashman crawls over and makes the tag out to Xander Young who jumps over the top rope and into the ring! Young fires off on York with some big kicks and stomps as he struggles to his feet in the corner of the ring.

Xander Young irish whips Frankie York from corner to corner, before following up with a running big boot in the corner. York stumbles out of the corner and Xander Young follows up with a spinning kick before making the cover and getting the two count! Xander Young looks angry at not getting the three count as he rises up to his feet and shouts at the referee. Frankie York staggers to his feet, however Xander Young lands a German suplex on his opponent before signalling for his finishing move!

Xander Young waits for York to get to his feet, and as he does he grabs him before sending him down to the mat on his head with a hammerlock DDT! The fans boo loudly as Xander Young makes the cover in the ring, whilst on the outside of the ring Sara Young grabs the leg of Nate Adams and stops him making the save!




It’s all over, and Sara Young was the difference maker in the match that means that the Rebellion heads to Locked & Loaded and get themselves another shot at the oWo Tag Team Champions!

The crowd boo loudly as the three members of the Rebellion celebrate in the middle of the ring, whilst Nate Adams and Frankie York complain to the referee.

Winners via pinfall: The Rebellion

One Step Away

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The camera heads backstage to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by with a microphone in hand alongside former 2x Women’s Champion Lucy Von Drake. Katie Smith seems a little apprehensive after last week’s exchange, as she begins the interview with LVD.

Katie Smith: “Lucy, thanks for joining us here only minutes before your match up here tonight. Now last week you said that Amy Page better give you a oWo Women’s Championship match or else, however she has tonight booked you in a #1 contenders match against Violet Hawkins….”

Lucy Von Drake: “Is this going to be a question Katie and are you going to get there before I have to make my entrance? Let me answer it even if your too scared to ask it. Amy Page made a mistake in not putting me in the match. I will catch up with the ‘boss’ once I deal with Hawkins tonight and win the title on Sunday.”

Katie Smith: “Violet Hawkins has been on a great run since joining the oWo and has Holly Knight at her side a lot of time, do you worry that might impact your match tonight?”

LVD sneers at the question.

Lucy Von Drake: “Hawkins has done well since joining the oWo, but I am the greatest women to compete in the history of this company. She hasn’t faced me or taken place in a match of this importance yet. As for Knight, I have it on good authority that she wasn’t able to make it to the building tonight and won’t be a factor….. Now if you don’t mind Katie, I have a #1 contendership to go and win!”

Von Drake aggressively pushes past Katie Smith and makes her way away from the interview area and towards the ring! Katie Smith looks a little shaken as the camera shot fades out.

oWo presents Cyberslam
Every Monday Night!

#1 Contenders Match
Lucy Von Drake vs. Violet Hawkins

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

Boos ring out around the arena as ‘Violent’ Violet Hawkins steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with ‘Heathens’ by Twenty One Pilots blasting over the sound system. Hawkins jogs on the spot for a few seconds at the top of the ramp before slowly walking down to the ring with a steely look on her face. Hawkins climbs quickly into the ring and warms up in the corner of the ring.

“Going Bad” by Meek Mill hits the sound system and the arena is basked in a golden glow as Lucy Von Drake slowly emerges onto the top of the entrance ramp. Lucy Von Drake kisses her fist before raising it in the air at the top of the entrance ramp, before slowly walking down towards the ring whilst surveying the crowd. LVD climbs into the ring and slowly circles around as if she owns the ring, before raising both arms in the air in the middle of the ring in time with a pyro shooting up from behind her.

Both ladies look focus as the bell rings for the match to get started, with Hawkins and Von Drake both knowing that a shot at Jupiter James and the oWo Women’s Championship at the Locked & Loaded iPPV awaits the winner of the match! Von Drake quickly starts the match with a kick to Hawkins, before backing her into the corner of the ring with some big kicks and stomps. Hawkins fights her way out of the corner with some right hands of her own, before Von Drake takes control of the match again with a double leg takedown.

Von Drake lays into Hawkins with some big mounted punches, however as Hawkins looks to try and grab Von Drake’s arm and lock on a submission hold, Von Drake is forced to roll back to her feet. Von Drake looks like she knows just how dangerous her opponent is as she keeps her distance whilst Hawkins gets back to her feet, before springing forward and landing a spinning heel kick to knock Hawkins back down! Von Drake leaps on her opponent and looks for the cover, but Hawkins gets a shoulder up before the three count.

Von Drake waits for Hawkins to get to her feet before sending her into the corner of the ring, and landing a big knee the midsection on her opponent in the corner. The camera cuts to the backstage area where Jupiter James is watching the action unfold on a nearby monitor, as back in the ring Von Drake lifts Hawkins back to her feet before hitting a pendulum backbreaker in the middle of the ring! Von Drake taunts to the fans for her finishing move, but as she looks for the ‘One Hit Wonder’, Hawkins catches the foot of her opponent before sweeping her off of her feet!

Von Drake looks shocked as she gets back up to her feet, but Hawkins is there with a roundhouse kick to send Von Drake back down. Hawkins lives up to her nickname as she stomps away on Von Drake with some vicious kicks to the back of her head, before waiting for her to get back up! Von Drake staggers up, but Hawkins lands a teardrop suplex before making the cover!




Everyone thought it was all over, but somehow Von Drake manages to get a shoulder up! Hawkins is in shock herself as she slowly rises up to her feet using the ring ropes. Von Drake is in pain on the mat, but Hawkins wastes no time in working over the arm of her opponent by stomping away on the left arm of Von Drake, before pulling her to the feet and landing an arm breaker takedown.

Von Drake holds her arm in pain, but Hawkins continues to work over the limb of her opponent with some kicks before bouncing into the ring ropes and landing a knee drop onto the arm of Von Drake! The referee checks on LVD to check she is ok to continue, but as she gets to her feet, she is grabbed by ‘Violent’ Violet Hawkins who locks in a rolling arm breaker on the former 2x Women’s Champion!

Von Drake cries out in pain as she tries to make it to ring ropes, however is forced to tap out to the pain after a few seconds rather than risk a broken arm!

The crowd boo loudly as Hawkins keeps the hold locked on for a few more seconds than needed, before finally rising up to her feet and throwing her arms in the air!

Hawkins celebrates in the ring by motioning for a title around her waist, as the camera cuts back again to the Women’s Champion Jupiter James watching on the backstage monitor and looking less than impressed.

Winner via submission: Violet Hawkins

Match Request

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The camera heads backstage to the office of Amy Page, where the oWo Owner is gathering together some paperwork for the contract signing, which will take place later tonight between oWo Champion CJ Dreamer and challenger Johnny All Star!

However Page is interrupted as her office door swings open and in walks an angry looking Victor Holland.

Amy Page: “Victor, great to see you… but I’m a little busy right now. Any chance we can reschedule this?”

Page continues to gather together her paperwork, but Holland doesn’t seem in the mood for having the conversation another time.

Victor Holland: “It won’t take long boss. I’m here to ask for a match against Teddy Rush at Locked & Loaded next Sunday. I want to teach that little punk what it means to be a oWo superstar and that he can’t run around punking people from behind.”

Page stares at Holland as she thinks about it for a few seconds.

Amy Page: “Sure, you got it Victor. I approve your match!”

Holland looks pleased with himself as he nods at the boss before leaving the office, leaving Page to continue to prepare for tonight’s contract signing.

oWo Internet Championship Match
Rick Reid (c) vs. Josh Klien

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

“No Hands” by Waka Flocka Flame hits the sound system and boos ring out around the arena as the cocky Josh Klien slowly struts out onto the top of the entrance ramp and poses for the fans! Klien waves away the boos as he struts down the entrance ramp and confidently climbs into the ring. Klien poses for the fans one last time, before music slowly fades out.

“Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns and Roses hits the sound system and the fans boo as the massive figure of ‘Razor’ Rick Reid steps out from behind the curtain and onto the stage. The oWo Internet Champion Reid slowly looks out around the arena at the fans packed in, before slowly moving down the entrance ramp towards the ring. Reid pays no notice to the fans at all as he climbs into the ring and warms up for his upcoming match.

The referee holds the oWo Internet Championship belt in the air to signal that it will be on the line during tonight’s main event match, before passing the gold to the outside of the ring and calling for the bell to be rung and the match to get started!

Reid and Klien stare each other down for a few seconds, before Klien lands some big right hands on the champion to get the match started. The punches seem to shock Reid as Klien backs him into the ring ropes, before whipping him across the ring and landing a big back elbow as he bounces back. Reid stumbles away, but Klien follows up with a shin breaker before taunting to the fans!

Klien turns back to his opponent, but Reid fires back with some big haymakers to sending Klien into the corner of the ring, before landing some big knee strikes. Klien stumbles out of the corner before turning and running at Reid, however Reid sees the move coming and catches his challenger with a big clothesline! Klien looks in pain on the mat, but Reid keeps the offence up with some big stomps on Josh Klien.

Reid waits for Klien to get back up to a standing position before tossing him down with a big spinebuster and making the cover. The fans in the arena think it is all over, however somehow Klien manages to kick out after the two count! Reid looks surprised that his opponent managed to kick out before making his way to the corner of the ring.

The dominating Rick Reid waits for Klien to stumble up to his feet, before running at Klien and landing a big boot in the middle of the ring! The boot almost takes the head of Josh Klien off, but Rick Reid isn’t done there as he signals to the fans for his finishing move! Reid picks up the 270lb Klien off of the mat with ease, before hitting him with the ‘Eliminator’! There is a mixed reaction from the crowd as Reid drops down and makes the cover.




It’s all over and once again Rick Reid manages to defend the oWo Internet Championship successfully! Reid rises up to his feet and has his arm raised in the air in victory by the referee, who also presents him with the oWo Internet Championship belt! Rick Reid celebrates with the Internet Championship belt in the middle of the ring as Josh Klien begins to come around and makes his way to the outside of the ring.

Winner via pinfall: Rick Reid

oWo Locked & Loaded 2019
November 17th 2019
oWo Locked & Loaded 2019
November 17th 2019

Contract Signing Pt2

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2 Wrestler 2

‘Sympathy for the Devil’ by Rolling Stones hits the sound system and the fans cheer loudly as oWo Owner Amy Page slowly steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with a folder in hand! Page poses at the top of the entrance ramp for the fans for a few seconds, before walking down the entrance ramp and climbing into the ring. Page is handed a microphone by the ring announcer, and the boss waits for the cheers and music to fade out before addressing the crowd.

Amy Page: “Well ladies and gentlemen, there has been a lot of news in the wrestling world this week, but rest assured we are here to make sure that the oWo remains the #1 wrestling promotion in the world! Speaking of #1 in the world, I don’t think any other promotion on the each can sign a main event like we are about to do here tonight, no matter how much money they have!”

The fans continue to cheer loudly as Page holds the contract up in the air for the whole crowd to see.

Amy Page: “I am out here tonight to get the signature of CJ Dreamer and Johnny All Star on this piece of paper ahead of the massive match between the pair at our first ever Locked & Loaded iPPV in just under a weeks time! No this isn’t going to go down like a normal wrestling contract signing, so I will invite first down to the ring the challenger, Mr Johnny All Star!”

“Time to go to work baybee…. Let’s do it.”

Johnny All-Star’s voice imitating Elvis Presley fills the arena as “Viva Las Vegas” by Metal Elvis begins to play.

Various images of iconic Las Vegas and Johnny All-Star play out on the V-Tron as spotlights move throughout the crowd, all finally coming to stop on a hooded Johnny All-Star somewhere in the audience as he is making his way through the crowd.

The spotlight follows All-Star making his way through the screaming fans as he finally makes his way down hopping over the security barricade. Posing for a few photos, he shrugs off the robe tossing it into the audience before pulling himself up into the ring.

All Star nods at Page before being passed the microphone.

Johnny All Star: “Amy, thank you for the introduction. I am out here tonight to sign the contract for what might be the biggest match of my career. The time for talking is over, the countdown to Sunday is on!”

Johnny All Star is handed the contract and pen by the oWo boss, and the challenger doesn’t hesitate to sign his name on the dotted line.

Amy Page: “Thank you Johnny. Now next, please welcome the oWo Champion CJ Dreamer!”

‘Break Stuff’ by Limp Bizkit hits the sound system and the fans in the arena rise to their feet and boo their former hero as Page and All Star wait in the ring for the arrival of the Champion. However the boos only get louder as all eyes remain on the entrance ramp, however the oWo Champion doesn’t appear. Page and All Star look at each confused, as after a minute the music cuts out.

Johnny All Star: “What’s going on Amy? I’m out here to sign the contract like a man, but the champion doesn’t have the cajones to show up? Is this the type of man you want representing the oWo?”

Amy Page: “Listen Johnny, I’m not su…”

Before Page can finish the sentence, the oWo Champion jumps out of the crowd and rolls into the ring with his title belt, before smashing the title over the back of Johnny All Star’s head!

All Star drops to the mat and CJ Dreamer holds the title belt up in the air for a few seconds, before snatching the contract and pen out of the hands of a furious looking Amy Page. Dreamer stares a hole through Amy Page as he signs the contract for the match, before dropping the contract down onto the body of Johnny All Star! Dreamer keeps his eyes on Page as he takes his title belt and backs out of the ring and back up the entrance ramp as Cyberslam comes to a close!

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