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oWo Cyberslam #313

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oWo Cyberslam #313
30th December 2019
oWo Arena, Los Angeles, California

AC/DC – If You Want Blood hits the sound system as the entrance package for oWo Cyberslam plays to kick off the show! The video package highlights exciting action from the likes of CJ Dreamer, Johnny All Star, ‘Magic’ Morales and ‘Razor’ Rick Reid before the shot cuts to the live camera inside the oWo arena. The camera pans around the sold out crowd who are holding up a variety of signs supporting their favourite oWo fighters! The music continues to blast out over the arena sound speakers as pyros shoot up from the entrance stage before a run down of tonight’s matches are shown on the giant video screen, including a main event match which will see Teddy Rush and Victor Holland fight it out to determine a new #1 contender for the oWo Internet Championship after both costing each other the title in recent weeks!

Single Match
‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw vs. ‘Hot’ Holly Knight

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The lights in the arena dim as “Diamonds” by Rihanna hits the sound system. a spotlight shines down onto the top of the entrance ramp, and after a few seconds ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw steps into the spotlight to a huge reaction. Shaw stands motionless for a few seconds, before raising her arms in the air as the lights in the arena return to normal. Shaw slowly walks down the entrance ramp, her eyes focused on the squared circle as the fans continue to cheer her on. Shaw climbs into the ring and performs her signature pose once again in the middle of the ring as her music begins to fade out.

“Roar” by Katy Perry hits the sound system, and boos ring out around the arena as the arrogant Holly Knight steps through the curtain onto the top of the entrance ramp. ‘Hot’ Holly Knight poses at the top of the entrance ramp, seemingly oblivious to the reaction from the crowd. After a few seconds Knight walks slowly down the entrance ramp, looking at the members of the crowd in the front row in disgust. Knight carefully climbs into the ring before posing once more in the corner of the ring.

With only a week to go until Emily Shaw gets a shot at the oWo Women’s Championship belt currently held by Violet Hawkins, she looks focused as she stares across the ring at Holly Knight whilst waiting for the bell to be rung and the match to get started!

Both ladies tie up and Shaw backs Knight into the corner. The referee calls for a rope break but Knight slaps Shaw before landing a flying forearm and stomping away on her opponent. Knight punishes Shaw with a head crank before pulling her to her feet. Knight picks Shaw up onto her shoulders before dropping her across the top rope and making the cover! Shaw kicks out on one before rising to he feet. Knight sends Shaw into the corner of the ring before landing an impressive monkey flip! Knight lands an impressive suplex before rising to taunt the crowd. Knight then lands a back breaker on Shaw, but Shaw rises up and lands an exploder suplex!

Shaw rolls Knight up with a crucifix, but she kicks out on two. Shaw lands a big punch to the back of her opponent, but Knight blocks an attempted kick before landing a knee to the face! Knight then follows up with a rack attack, only for Shaw to kick out on two after the cover!

Knight screams at the referee, before looking for an impressive arm breaker. Knight picks Shaw up onto her shoulders before again dropping her throat first across the ropes! Knight kicks away on Shaw, but Shaw gets to her feet and hits another exploder suplex! Shaw follows up with multiple clotheslines and Knight looks in double! Shaw lands a third exploder suplex before hitting her finishing move the ‘Atomic #78’ and then making the cover!




It’s all over and Emily Shaw gains some more momentum ahead of her title match against Violet Hawkins! Shaw celebrates the victory in the ring as Knight makes her way backstage, knowing that she will have to face her friend having not got the job done tonight!

Winner via pinfall: Emily Shaw

Not Happy

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The camera heads backstage to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by with a microphone in hand with the current oWo Tag Team Champions the Rebellion, along with manager Sara Young.

Katie Smith: “Guys, thank you for joining me here tonight. The entire oWo fan base is wondering on your thoughts right now after Amy Page dropped the bombshell last week that the oWo Tag Team Championships that you hold will be retired at the iPPV next week. Your thoughts?”

Sara Young: “I think you can guess our thoughts Katie, we are pissed off! We worked hard to get to the oWo and win those belts. No one has been able to step up and beat us yet for them so what does Amy Page do? Put them into her retirement? That’s her idea instead of going out and trying to sign some guys who can actually beat us? Now we know how the oWo works and quite frankly we will have to consider our position here!”

Katie Smith: “Well you have a big match up next Sara against the current oWo Women’s Champion Violent Hawkins. Are you confident of getting the victory?”

Sara Young: “I can get the victory tonight, as long as Amy Page doesn’t decide to change the playing field at the last minute again….”

The Rebellion march away from the interview area, clearly not happy with the bosses decision last week.

Single Match
Sara Young vs. Violet Hawkins

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

Boos ring out around the arena as ‘Violent’ Violet Hawkins steps out onto the top of the entrance ramp with ‘Heathens’ by Twenty One Pilots blasting over the sound system. Hawkins jogs on the spot for a few seconds at the top of the ramp before slowly walking down to the ring with a steely look on her face. Hawkins climbs quickly into the ring and warms up in the corner of the ring.

The lights in the arena cut to black as ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ by #NerdOut hits the sound system. The fans boo loudly as after a few seconds a spotlight appears on the top of the entrance ramp which Sara Young steps into. Sara Young stares menacingly out at the crowd before Xander Young and Christian Cashman step into the light either side of her. The three members of Rebellion stand at the top of the entrance ramp for a few seconds, before marching through the darkness down the entrance ramp towards the ring, with the spotlight flashing on and off of them. The three members of Rebellion step up into the ring as the lights in the arena slowly begin to fade up.

The bell rings and Hawkins lays into Young with big kicks and stomps from the off before landing a double leg takedown. Young gets to her feet but Hawkins lands a hp toss. Young gets to her feet and connects with a snap suplex before chopping her opponent, but Hawkins lands a right hand and then throws Young clean out of the ring. Hawkins follows Young to the outside and the two ladies battle around the ringside area. Hawkins bounces Young head first off of the announcers table before throwing her back into the ring!

Hawkins lands a big back suplex on Young before pulling her up to her feet and then nailing a German suplex! Violet Hawkins looks in firm control as she stomps away on the arm of her opponent, but Young sweeps her legs away! Hawkins rolls to the outside, but as Yoiung follows her, Hawkins lands a slam on her opponent on the floor! Hawkins drops Young face first across the steel steps before taking the action back into the ring!

Young tries to throw some hands, but Hawkins grabs her and locks in an arm bar! Young somehow makes it to the bottom rope before rising up to her feet and landing an STO on the Women’s Champion! Young makes the cover, but Hawkins kicks out on one! Hawkins rises up to her feet and nails a triple gut buster slam before locking in her rolling arm bar submission! Young tries to battle out, but quickly has to tap out!

Hawkins keeps the move locked on for a few seconds longer than needed before finally releasing! Hawkins rises up to her feet and celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring despite the boos. Hawkins holds the oWo Women’s Championship in the air, but with both the champion and the challenger picking up wins tonight, who will be able to carry this over into the Last Stand iPPV next week ahead of the title showdown?

Winner via submission: Violet Hawkins

New Opportunity

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The camera heads backstage to the office of oWo Owner Amy Page. Page is watching the action from behind her desk, however is interrupted by the opening of the office door and the arrival of the tag team known as ‘High Voltage’. Much like the Rebellion earlier in the night the team of Frankie York and Nate Adams don’t look too happy as they enter the office.

Frankie York: “Amy, we need to talk.”

Amy Page: “Guys, I know why you are here and I get it. But I have to look after the future of the oWo and this is what the future looks like. I get to see the ratings each week and now we have this extra competition from New York we have to make changes!”

Nate Adams: “At least let us be the ones who take on the Rebellion at the iPPV to be the last ever champions. We know the Union beat Old School last week, but we deserve to be in that mix.”

Amy Page: “Actually guys, I have another idea, instead of being the last of something how would you like to be the first of something?”

Both members of High Voltage look confused as they look at Page.

Amy Page: “You both meet the weight limit for the cruiserweight championship, how would you both like to compete to be the first ever oWo Cruiserweight Champion next week?”

Both men quickly nod in agreement, before realising that they would in fact be competing against each other in the match up. Nate Adams and Frankie York look at each other uneasily as the scene fades out.

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs. Scotty Duncan

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The lights in the arena dim and the fans boo as ‘Many Men’ by 50 Cent booms out of the sound system. The menacing Angelo Anderson slowly walks out onto the top of the entrance ramp and raises his arms in the air. Anderson shakes his head at the booing crowd before climbing into the ring and trash talking the fans at ringside before the match gets started.

The famous loud claps of “We Will Rock You” by Queen echos around the arena as the team of Old School walk out onto the top of the entrance ramp and stand looking out at the crowd who are booing them loudly. Larry Walker and Scotty Duncan nod to each other before marching down the entrance ramp, ignoring all of the fans at ringside and climbing straight into the ring. Duncan and Walker psych each other up in the corner of the ring as they prepare for the battle ahead.

With Amy Page’s announcement that the Tag Team division would be retired in the oWo last week, Scotty Duncan looks focused as he starts off his singles career against the current #1 contender Angelo Anderson who will face CJ Dreamer for the oWo Championship next week at Last Stand!

The referee calls for the bell and Anderson nails a big boot on Duncan to take him down, before punishing him with big punches. Anderson nails a big stomp on Duncan as he tries to get up, before dropping him with a DDT in the middle of the ring! Anderson follows up with a gut wrench suplex in the middle of the ring, before hitting a big kick to the back of his head! Anderson throws Duncan hard into the corner of the ring before splashing him and then making a cover, but Duncan kicks out!

Duncan fights back with a double leg takedown before landing some big right hands. However Anderson gets control with a big clothesline before landing a knee to the legs of his opponent. Anderson pulls Duncan to his feet before dropping him throat first across the top rope. Anderson waits for Duncan to get to his feet before landing a big right hand, and then following up with a back breaker into a fallaway slam!

Anderson continues to punish his opponent with a double back breaker, before finally landing the ‘Broken Bomb’ in the middle of the ring! Anderson drops down and makes the cover on Duncan.




It’s all over and Angelo Anderson picks up a big victory ahead of his oWo Championship match against CJ Dreamer! Anderson celebrates the victory whilst Duncan exits the ring looking disappointed to his start as a singles competitor.

Winner via pinfall: Angelo Anderson


Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

The cameras follow the victorious Angelo Anderson backstage as he exits the ring, where he is quickly caught up with by interview Katie Smith.

Katie Smith: “Angelo, that was a huge victory out there tonight, do you think you can do the same this coming Sunday against CJ Dreamer?”

Angelo Anderson: “Listen Katie, I know I am the underdog in this match up. But from what I can see Dreamer is spending a bit too much time in the VIP lounge and not enough time in the ring! I know this Sunday will be tough against one of the best to ever grace a oWo ring, but I am heading into this match fresh and sharp! CJ Dreamer better prepare for one hell of a battle because that is what he is going to get!”

The scene fades out as Anderson stares down the lens of the camera, sending a message to the current oWo Heavyweight Champion!

#1 contender Match
Teddy Rush vs. Victor Holland

Wrestler 1 Wrestler 2

‘Flashing Lights’ by Kanye West hits the sound system and the fans boo loudly as the arena is basking in a golden glow. After a few seconds Teddy Rush slowly struts out onto the top of the entrance ramp and poses, causing the boos to increase in volume. Rush looks out in disdain at the crowd before strutting down the entrance ramp and climbing slowly into the ring. Rush removes his entrance jacket and passes it to the ring announcer, before posing on the nearest turnbuckle and soaking in the boos from the crowd with a smirk on his face.

The fans in the arena cheer as “Knock Your Self Out” by Jadakiss hits the sound system and the stage is basked in a green glow. After a few seconds ‘The Natural’ Victor Holland steps out from behind the curtain and poses at the top of the entrance ramp, drawing another big cheer from the crowd. Holland slowly moves down the entrance ramp, scanning the fans in the front few rows and exchanging high fives. Holland finally rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and poses on the nearest turnbuckle as his music begins to fade out.

Both men look ready to tear into each other knowing that not only have they got the chance to take each other on, they also have the chance to face Rick Reid for the oWo Internet Championship at the Last Stand iPPV if they win!

Both men tie up at the start of the match and Rush pushes Holland back into the corner of the ring. Holland goes behind on Rush and takes him down to the mat before landing a big right hand. Rush gets to his feet and lifts Holland up into the air with a stalling suplex. Rush stomps away on Holland, before landing a big kick to the face. Holland rises up to his feet but Rush sends him into the ropes and then lands a spinning suplex!

Rush locks in a wrist lock before bringing Holland to his feet and chopping him in the throat. Rush takes Holland down to the mat and makes a cover, but Holland kicks out on one! Holland gets to his feet and runs through his opponent with a clothesline, before dropping a knuckle. Rush sweeps his opponents legs away before Holland counters with a half nelson into a neckbreaker! Holland pulls Rush up with a waist lock before slamming him down! Holland stomps away on Rush before landing a face buster!

Holland pulls Rush away from the ropes before bouncing into the ropes and hitting a knuckle drop! Rush struggles up to his feet, but Holland lands the Natural Driver in the middle of the ring and makes the cover!




No! Somehow Rush kicks out! Rush staggers to his feet and clotheslines Holland over the top rope, before rolling out. Rush drops Holland face first across the ring apron before sending him back into the ring to break the count. Rush stomps away on Holland, before working his legs. Rush lands a massive ‘Total Rush’ on Holland in the middle of the ring and makes the cover!




It’s all over and Teddy Rush picks up the big victory over his rival! Rush rises up to his feet to celebrate the fact that he will now go to Last Stand to face the oWo Internet Champion Rick Reid!

Holland looks dejected as he leaves the ring after being defeated by his biggest rival as the last Cyberslam of 2019 heads off of the air!

Winner via pinfall: Teddy Rush

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