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oWo Cyberslam #315

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Current oWo Internet Champion Rick Reid defends his title against Leon Ventura in the main event.

oWo Cyberslam #315
13th January 2020
oWo Arena, Los Angeles, California

Single Match
Jupiter James vs. Loco Lopez

The fans are on their feet for the first match of the night as former oWo Women’s Champion Jupiter James takes on the masked ‘Loco’ Lopez! Jupiter starts the match out strong with some big forearm strikes to her opponent, but Lopez uses her size to fight back against the former Champion! The fans will Jupiter James on as she struggles against the powerful offence of Loco Lopez, who gets a near fall after a big brainbuster in the middle of the ring.

Loco Lopez heads to the top rope and looks for a splash on her opponent, but Jupiter James sees the move coming and rolls out of the way to the delight of the crowd. Jupiter James follows up on this advantage with some impressive moves on her opponent before landing a ‘Fifth Rock from the Sun’ in the middle of the ring! The fans cheer as James makes the cover and scores the big three count in the middle of the ring to pick up the win!

After the match James celebrates the big victory with the fans in the front row, having got herself back on the ladder to getting a shot at the oWo Women’s Championship belt.

Winner via pinfall: Jupiter James

Backstage Segment
Scouting Mission

The camera heads to the backstage area where the current oWo Heavyweight Champion CJ Dreamer is standing by with pretty interviewer Katie Smith in the interview area of the arena.

Smith opens the interview up by asking Dreamer about last week’s confrontation where Rick Reid challenged him for the oWo Heavyweight Championship, only for Dreamer to walk away without answering the challenge.

Dreamer tells Smith that Rick Reid needs to prove himself before he will answer his challenge, but he will be watching the main event closely tonight to see what the oWo Internet Champion is all about!

Single Match
Johnny All Star vs. Josh Klien

Klien looks cocky from the opening bell as the youngster looks to make his name off of the former sVo International Champion Johnny All Star, nailing the fan favourite with some big right hands right from the off. However much to the delight of the fans Johnny All Star fights back after blocking a right hand from his opponent, and then takes him down to the mat before grounding and pounding the rookie.

Klien does his best to cover up and get back into the match, but All Star remains in firm control as he beats down the youngster before landing an ‘All-Star Stunner’ in the middle of the ring! All Star rolls over his opponent and hooks the leg to score the three count and the victory!

The referee raises All-Star’s hand in the air in victory after the match, but the former footballer from Las Vegas doesn’t seem much in the mood for celebrating as he quickly makes his way out of the ring and to the backstage area without as much as a smile.

Winner via pinfall: Johnny All Star

Single Match
Stuart Trevo vs. Christian Cashman

The fans don’t seem to be too keen on either men as the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the two competitors circle around each other in the middle of the ring. Trevo takes early control of the match with his hard hitting style, however Cashman fights his way back into the match and lands an impressive takedown!

Cashman gets several near falls, however somehow Trevo manages to kick out of everything that is thrown at him! Trevo bravely fights his way back into the match with some big headbutts, however as he begins to take control, he is distracted by the arrival of Xander Young and Sara Young at the top of the entrance ramp, holding the retired oWo Tag Team Championships!

With Trevo distracted, Cashman takes advantage with a roll up to score the three count! Cashman celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring as Xander and Sara Young slowly walk down the entrance ramp towards the ring!

Winner via pinfall: Christian Cashman

Ringside Segment
The Rebellion Lives On!

Sara Young and Xander Young climb into the ring and Xander Young passes the oWo Tag Team Championship belt to Cashman as Sara Young grabs hold of a microphone!

Sara Young shouts over the booing crowd as she announces that if Amy Page can rob the Rebellion of the hard work and split them up by retiring the oWo Tag Team Championship belts then she is dead wrong! Young announces that the Rebellion are the Tag Team Champions officially or unofficially, and they are open to any challenges!

Young and Cashman hold the title belts over their heads as the fans wonder what the oWo management will have to say about this surprising development!

oWo Internet Championship Match
Rick Reid (c) vs. Leon Ventura

The referee holds the oWo Internet Championship belt in the air to signal that it will be on the line in tonight’s match, before calling for the bell to be rung and the action to get started!

Reid uses his size advantage to pound away on his powerful opponent, before nearly putting him away in the middle of the ring with a massive big boot. However Ventura does his best to fight back into the match, using his strength to take down Reid! Ventura pounds away on Reid before landing a belly to belly suplex and getting a near fall!

Ventura looks like he is only seconds away from nailing his finishing move and putting to an end Rick Reid’s undefeated streak, but before he can, Reid counters with a big headbutt! Rick Reid follows up with ‘The Eliminator’ in the middle of the ring before hooking the leg and scoring the victory with a three count!

Winner via pinfall: Rick Reid

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