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oWo Cyberslam #316

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Johnny All Star looks to build momentum as he battles long time rival 'Magic' Morales in the main event!

oWo Cyberslam #316
20th January 2020
oWo Arena, Los Angeles, California

Single Match
Victor Holland vs. Stuart Trevo

Stuart Trevo looks to bounce back to winning after his defeat last week to Christian Cashman as he quickly attacks Holland right from the opening bell. Trevo takes down Holland with a big knee to the side of the head and makes the cover, however Holland manages to kick out before the three! Holland quickly fights his way back into the match using his power to take down Trevo, before targeting his legs to slow him down.

Trevo looks like he is struggling to stand as he throws wild punches at his opponent, but Holland manages to duck and dive his opponents flying fists before taking him down to the mat with The Natural Driver in the middle of the ring! With Trevo down and hurting, Holland puts the exclamation point as he locks in a figure four submission hold in the middle of the ring so score the submission victory!

Holland rises up to have his hand raised in the air in victory, as the fans cheer on ‘The Natural’ as he looks to build momentum in the oWo!

Winner via submission: Victor Holland

Backstage Segment
#1 Contenders

The camera heads backstage to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by with the oWo Owner Amy Page. Smith has a microphone in her hand, and quickly opens up the interview by asking Page about the Rebellion last week and their attempts to bring back the oWo Tag Team Championship belts.

Page quickly shuts down Smith’s question by saying that she isn’t here tonight to talk about the past, only the future. Page announces that next week there will be a match to determine the #1 contender for the oWo Cruiserweight Championship!

Smith tries again to ask about the Rebellion, but Page is reluctant to talk about last week’s events, quickly shutting down the interview and the cameras cut back to ringside!

Single Match
Bee Picone vs. Jupiter James

After her big victory last week over Loco Lopez, Jupiter James gets the match started quickly as she attacks the legs of her bigger opponent. Bee Picone looks like she is struggling on one leg as Jupiter James takes her down to the mat before heading up to the top rope!

The fans cheer on the former oWo Women’s Champion as she leaps from the top rope and lands a big diving elbow drop from the top onto her opponent, before making the cover and scoring the three count! James rises up to her feet and celebrates the quick victory over her much bigger opponent, as she continues to climb towards another shot at the oWo Women’s Championship!

Winner via pinfall: Jupiter James

Single Match
Teddy Rush vs. Sid Ross

The fans are firmly behind Sid Ross as the match gets started with both men trading some impressive quick paced offence. Ross begins to get the upper hand over Rush, but Rush is able to grab the bottom rope to save the match when Ross makes the cover after a twisting neckbreaker.

Sid Ross is frustrated with the decision, but Rush takes advantage by attacking his opponent from behind before landing the ‘Total Rush’ in the middle of the ring before making the cover and picking up the victory! Rush celebrates in the middle of the ring, but his celebrations don’t last long as he notices the arrival of the ‘unofficial’ oWo Tag Team Champions ‘The Rebellion’ at the top of the entrance ramp!

Winner via pinfall: Teddy Rush

Ringside Segment
Victim of the Rebellion

Teddy Rush notices the arrival of the Rebellion at the top of the entrance ramp and quickly bails out of the ring! The Rebellion let Rush make his way back up the entrance ramp, before rolling into the ring and attacking Sid Ross!

Sara Young directs traffic from the outside of the ring as Xander Young and Christian Cashman brutally beat down Sid Ross, before his former tag team partner Harry Barnes comes running down the entrance ramp with a steel chair in hand!

The Rebellion bail out of the ring with smiles on their faces, happy to let Barnes hold the ring before checking on Ross!

Single Match
Johnny All Star vs. ‘Magic’ Morales

The fans are pumped up for the renewal of an old rivalry as both men stare across the ring at each other before the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the match to get started! Morales lands some high flying moves from the start of the match to take control, as All Star struggles up cope with the speed of his opponent. Morales lands a flying cross body from the top and looks for a cover, but All Star kicks out after two!

Morales continues with the offence in an attempt to score the massive main event victory and pick up the winners purse, however All Star shows his grit and determination to kick out of everything thrown at him, before landing a kick to the midsection and fighting back with a combination of German suplexes on his opponent!

The fans cheer All Star on as he turns the tide on Morales with some impressive moves, before landing the All-Star Stunner in the middle of the ring and making the cover to score the three count!

The fans cheer All Star on as he rises up to his feet and stares down at his opponent for a few seconds, before making his way backstage without celebrating as Cyberslam heads off of the air!

Winner via pinfall: Johnny All Star

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