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oWo Cyberslam #317

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Nate Adams and Sid Ross battle for the chance to become #1 contender for the oWo Cruiserweight Championship in the main event.

oWo Cyberslam #317
27th January 2020
oWo Arena, Los Angeles, California

Single Match
Lucy Von Drake vs. Bee Picone

The first match of the night is quickly underway as former oWo Women’s Champion Lucy Von Drake looks to score a victory over the much bigger Bee Picone! Picone uses her size advantage over her opponent in the opening of the match, scoring a two count after a big body drop in the middle of the ring. However despite the crowd being against her, Lucy Von Drake is able to kick out of everything that is thrown at her before turning the tide with a big dropkick.

Lucy Von Drake follows up with dropkick with some impressive moves to take down Bee Picone before signalling for her finisher! Lucy Von Drake nails ‘The One Hit Wonder’ on Picone before dropping over her and making the cover to pick up the three count. After the win the referee raises the arm of Von Drake in the air as the former Women’s Champion celebrates the big victory.

Winner via pinfall: Lucy Von Drake

Quashing a Rebellion

The camera heads backstage where oWo Owner Amy Page is sitting in her office watching the show unfold. However the office door suddenly swings open and in storms Sara Young with the oWo Tag Team Championship belts in her hand. Young drops the belts on Page’s desk before demanding that Page reinstates the titles and books the Rebellion in a tag team match tonight!

Page declines the demand before chastising Sara Young for her recent actions. Amy Page then tells Young that she better focus on herself tonight because she is going one on one with Violet Hawkins, and the match is next!

Single Match
Violet Hawkins w/Holly Knight vs. Sara Young

Sara Young doesn’t look at all prepared for fighting against the former oWo Women’s Champion as she doesn’t even have her ring gear on having only found out about the match moments ago! Hawkins takes the quick advantage as she hammers Young with some big kicks and stomps as Holly Knight cheers her on from the outside of the ring!

Sara Young tries to fight her way back into the match however Violet Hawkins takes her down with a Rolling Armbar Submission hold to score the submission victory! Hawkins keeps the submission hold locked on for a few more seconds than needed, before celebrating the victory with Holly Knight before making her way back up the entrance ramp.

Winner via submission: Violet Hawkins

Single Match
Angelo Anderson vs. Harrington Walters

The bell rings for the match to get started and the powerful Anderson takes down Walters right from the opening bell and lays into him with some stiff mounted punches. Walters tries to fight his way back into the match, but Anderson follows up with some impressive suplexes to throw Walters around the ring.

Walters kicks out of a big spinebuster and tries to fight his way back into the match, however Anderson takes control with some impressive German suplexes. Harrington Walters staggers up to his feet before being nailed with the ‘Broken Bomb’ in the middle of the ring. Anderson makes the cover on his opponent and the referee drops to make the cover and the three count!

Anderson celebrates the victory in the middle of the ring as he stares down at Harrington Walter for a few seconds, before making his way backstage.

Winner via pinfall: Harrington Walters

Still Waiting

The camera heads backstage to the interview area where Katie Smith is standing by with the current oWo Internet Champion Rick Reid! Reid towers over the pretty interviewer, who opens up by asking if Reid has heard back after his challenge to the oWo Heavyweight Champion CJ Dreamer?

Reid replies that he hasn’t heard anything from Dreamer because the champion is running scared. Reid follows up that if he doesn’t hear by next week then Dreamer will regret keeping him waiting!

Reid stares into the camera as the scene cuts back to ringside.

oWo Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contenders Match
Nate Adams vs. Sid Ross

With a shot at Frankie York’s oWo Cruiserweight Championship on the line, Adams and Ross tear into each other right from the opening bell to try and score the victory! The two former Tag Team Champions trade big high flying moves before making the cover on each other and getting several near falls! Adams begins to get the upper hand over his opponent and looks to score the victory, but Ross is able to slide out of the ring before the cover!

Adams follows Ross to the outside of the ring, but as the brawl continues, the pair are suddenly both attacked by the Rebellion coming out of the crowd! The fans boo loudly as the unofficial Tag Team Champions Christian Cashman and Xander Young both beat down Adams and Ross as the referee calls for the bell!

The referee struggles to restrain Young and Cashman, and the attack isn’t stopped until Frankie York and Harry Barnes come running down the entrance ramp to come to the aid of their former tag team partners!

The Rebellion escape back through the crowd as Cyberslam heads off of the air with a stare down between the former tag teams!

Winner: No Contest

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