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oWo Cyberslam #320

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Johnny All Star takes on Leon Ventura in the main event

oWo Cyberslam #320
17th Feb 2020
oWo Arena, Los Angeles, California

Single Match
Harrington Walters vs. Josh Klien

With both men in the ring and looking to prove a point, the referee calls for the bell to be rung and the two youngster circle around each other before tying up in the middle of the ring. Klien uses his power to get the early advantage on his opponent and throws him around the ring with authority, before landing a big backbreaker which gets him a near fall on Walters.

Walters looks like he is in trouble with the offence from Klien, however he somehow manages to take advantage of Klien complaining to the referee to chop the legs of Klien and then begin to fight his way back into the match. Walters tries to keep his opponent down on the floor, before locking in a figure four leg lock and looking for a submission victory! However Klien is able to get to the bottom rope which forces the referee to break the hold.

Klien struggles up to his feet from the pain of the submission hold, however as Walters tries to take advantage with some impressive technical moves, Klien fights back by hanging his opponent up on the ropes! Walters staggers backwards and Klien manages to hit a spinning powerbomb on his opponent before dropping down to make the cover and score the three count!

Winner via pinfall: Josh Klien


The cameras head backstage where Katie Smith the pretty interviewer is standing by with the current oWo Champion CJ Dreamer in the interview area.

Smith asks Dreamer about last week’s main event which saw Rick Reid come down to the ring after the match only for CJ Dreamer to seemingly run away.

Dreamer seems very offended at the suggestion that he ran from Rick Reid as he corrects Katie Smith and explains that he had won the match and was simply heading to the back to collect his winners purse.

Katie Smith tries to ask a follow up question, however Dreamer cuts her off and tells her that he is the oWo Heavyweight Champion which makes him the top star in the industry where as Rick Reid is Internet Champion which makes him a rookie. Dreamer looks down the camera lens and speaks straight to Reid to tell him to stay in his lane moving forward or face the consequences.

Single Match
Jupiter James vs. Bee Picone

The fans are firmly behind the former oWo Women’s Champion Jupiter James as she starts off the match strongly against her much bigger opponent with some big forearms. Jupiter James throws everything at Picone to try and take her down to the mat, however Picone manages to stay on her feet!

James looks frustrated as she runs at Picone looking for a big clothesline, but Picone counters with a back body drop to take control of the match! Picone punishes the popular superstar with some hard hitting moves, before making the cover and getting a near fall.

Picone continues the offence on the former champion, however as she tries to pull her up off of the mat Jupiter James surprises her with an inside cradle! The referee dives down and counts the surprise three count! Jupiter James bails out of the ring after the quick win as Bee Picone rises up to her feet with an angry look on her face!

Winner via pinfall: Jupiter James


The camera heads backstage to the office of oWo Owner Amy Page, where the boss is sitting behind her desk with Victor Holland looking angry in front of her.

Holland tells Page that he has been recovering all week after the beat down by Scotty Duncan and Larry Walker last week and he wants both of them in a match!

Amy Page explains to Holland that as good as she thinks he is, she doesn’t want to risk the career of one of the oWo’s brightest stars in a handicap match against Duncan and Walker.

Holland tells Page that he doesn’t care, he just wants revenge. However Page isn’t backing down as she tells Holland that he needs to find himself a partner or that match isn’t happening.

The scene fades out leaving Victor Holland to ponder who he can get as a tag team partner.

Single Match
Nate Adams vs. Sid Ross

The two former tag team rivals are ready for each other in singles action as both men fly around the ring from the opening bell, only to find their opponent has the perfect counter for every move! Sid Ross begins to gain the upper hand as he tries to ground his opponent by working on his legs, however Nate Adams manages to get to the ropes to break every submission hold he is placed in!

Ross pulls Adams up to a standing position and looks for a suplex, but Adams counters with an inside cradle which gets a near fall. Adams follows up with some impressive quick paced offence, before Sid Ross lands the ‘Osaka Street Cutter’ on his opponent before making the cover and scoring the three count and victory!

Winner via pinfall: Sid Ross

Main Event
Johnny All Star vs. Leon Ventura

The fans are in the corner of Johnny All Star right from the opening bell as the former sVo legend squares off against the powerful former Internet Champion Leon Ventura! All Star tries to take control of the early going of the match, however Ventura uses his strength to throw the former footballer around the ring with ease!

The fans boo the cocky Ventura as he poses for the fans, before returning to nail All Star with a series of stiff clotheslines before making a cover. It looks like it might be all over after the hard hitting offence, however All Star kicks out of everything that is thrown at him!

Ventura begins to get frustrated as he sends All Star into the corner and tries to follow up with a big splash. However this provides All Star with the opportunity he needs as he dives out of the way causing Ventura to hit the corner hard! All Star seizes the advantage with some big suplexes on Ventura! With Ventura stunned, All Star finishes him off with a TCB to the delight of the fans, before making the cover and scoring the three count and the victory!

All Star rises up to his feet and has his hand raised in victory by the referee after the hard fought victory as Cyberslam heads off of the air for another week!

Winner via pinfall: Johnny All Star

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