Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

oWo Women’s Champion would welcome AAW Competition

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There has been lots of speculation recently that if the AAW does in fact go out of business in the next week or so that the oWo will scoop up many of the wrestlers currently signed to AAW deals.

This has reportedly led to a lot of discontent amongst the oWo roster that see this as a potential threat to their position within the company.

However one oWo wrestler who doesn’t see the potential influx of new talent as a threat is the current oWo Women’s Champion Jupiter James.

James was completing a Q and A on Twitter earlier today when one fan asked her what she thought about mixing it with some of AAW’s best. James replied that she wanted to fight the best wrestlers no matter where they were and that some added competition from the likes of Tori Heart, Kandi Sparks and Vicky Moore would make everyone raise their game!

It remains to be seen if the rest of the oWo roster feel the same the same way or if the AAW acquisition will come true.

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