Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Pre-Cyberslam Press Conference – Amy Page

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Amy Page answers the questions ahead of Cyberslam #332

The feed opens up for this week’s remote conference call where Amy Page the oWo owner will this week be facing the questions! The journalists in the call take it in turns to introduce themselves before diving into the questions.

Katie Smith: “Hi Amy, just a quick question from me. With the oWo not producing a live show for the last few weeks due to no being able to have fans in the building just how excited are you and the roster to finally get back to live action?”

Amy Page: “Thanks Katie. Well it’s true we haven’t been able to have a live show for quite a while now and the safety of our fans and staff are our priority. It has also given the talent to heal up any injuries that come with having to deal with the weekly schedule. With that being said I am confident I speak for the whole company when I say we can’t wait to get back to action! We have some exciting matches that we have all been waiting to see like the Rick Reid vs. CJ Dreamer main event for Monday and the talent can’t wait to dive in get back to action!”

James Ford: “Hi Amy, speaking of that main event match set for Cyberslam, how do you see that going on Monday night?”

Amy Page: “Well the truth is it could go either way! I’m not saying that to sit on the fence but the truth is Rick Reid became one of the biggest challengers to CJ Dreamer’s Heavyweight Championship belt which he has held for nearly a year now…. I mean Reid was undefeated in the oWo until he met Dreamer in singles action and Dreamer won the match which is why Cyberslam will see the Internet Championship on the line instead of the Heavyweight Championship. Dreamer has proved that he has Reid’s number in their last match up, but Reid is going to be pissed that he lost his undefeated streak and pissed that he lost his chance to challenge for the Heavyweight Championship! I know both men are going into Monday’s match highly motivated and it should be a classic!”

Hannah Finlay: “Amy, there has been a lot of speculation this week that the AAW is on the verge of going out of business. What do you make of this situation and why do you think they are in this position and the oWo isn’t?”

Amy Page: “Well I have been waiting for someone to ask me about the AAW and I am surprised that it took until the third question! Now I know that everyone is expecting me to be happy with the AAW possibly going out of business, and I know that nothing has been confirmed yet, but the truth is it’s not something I want to see happen! Now I know they are a big competition to us and have signed a lot of our wrestlers, but the more competition in this business the better and the more places for people to earn money and fans to be entertained from the better! Now this whole global situation has messed up a lot of business, a lot of them a lot older than the AAW, but I don’t want to speak on their situation without knowing all of the details. All I can tell you is that the oWo business model was uniquely placed to ride this out and we made the decisions we did to ensure the safety of our fans and staff a like. I am really proud that we didn’t cut any jobs during this time.”

James Ford: “Well speaking of the AAW, will you consider signing any of their wrestlers if they close down and their services do become available?”

Amy Page: “I don’t want to speak on anyone that is signed to a rival promotion, all I will say is we are always looking for ways to improve our product and improve the fans experience.”

Katie Smith: “Well one thing that the fans want to know Amy is will we see a return to PPV in the near future for the oWo?”

Amy Page: “That is definitely something that we are exploring, as well as the prospect of introducing a second weekly or bi-weekly show in the near future. We haven’t been in the position to do so recently but these are options that we are definitely exploring in the near future.”

Hannah Finlay: “Xander Young and Christian Cashman along with their manager Sara Young have been really active on social media recently to put across how strongly they feel that the oWo should re-introduce the oWo Tag Team Championships. How do you feel about this?”

Amy Page: “Well I will say that the data didn’t support that the fans were hugely interested in tag team wrestling in the oWo and to be totally honest we didn’t have the roster depth in the tag team division to keep those on the card. Those belts are retired and will remain so until I am convinced otherwise. Ok, one more question guys and we will have to wrap this one up for today.”

Katie Smith: “Amy, with Dreamer facing Rick Reid for the Internet Championship rather than the Heavyweight Championship on Monday a lot of fans have been commenting that there isn’t a lot of challengers for CJ Dreamer at the moment. What are your feelings on this?”

Amy Page: “I hear what the fans are saying loud and clear and my response is that we have been in this situation before with a really dominating champion, but nothing lasts forever and it is only a matter of time until someone seizes the opportunity to separate themselves from the pack and claims that spot for themselves! Thanks for joining me today guys, please stay safe and I hope you all enjoy the action on Monday night!”

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