Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Rush & Holland set to Clash on CS#311

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With Victor Holland coming up short in his oWo Internet Championship match against Rick Reid only two weeks ago due to Teddy Rush getting involved in the match, and then Holland attacking Rush last week, Amy Page has this week booked both rivals in a main event match for this week on Cyberslam #311!

Both Rush and Holland failed to settle their differences at the last iPPV, but can they finally settle the score this week?

Johnny All Star will this week again try and work his way back into the oWo Championship picture as he takes on Larry Walker whilst Emily Shaw takes on old rival Holly Knight.

After Frankie York picked up a big victory over the oWo Tag Team Champion Xander Young last week, his tag team partner Nate Adams will this week get the opportunity to do the same as he takes on the other half of the oWo Tag Team Champions – Christian Cashman!

Tune into Cyberslam #311 this week for all of the latest action from the oWo!

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