Sat. Aug 8th, 2020

Shaw vs. Knight Confirmed

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Despite Emily Shaw being out of action with an injury for the past few weeks, oWo management today confirmed that Shaw had been cleared medically to compete and the anticipated match against Holly Knight will go ahead this Sunday at the Last Stand 2019 iPPV live from Las Vegas!

Tensions have been high between Knight and Shaw ever since Knight made her oWo debut and instantly attacked ‘Platinum’ Emily Shaw, later explaining that she wanted to make a name for herself by taking out the former oWo Women’s Champion!

Shaw has shown in recent weeks that she wouldn’t back down from the fight against the newcomer, however a brutal backstage assault from Holly Knight has meant that she has been unable to complete on Cyberslam for the past two weeks.

When the two finally officially meet in the ring for the first time this Sunday, will Emily Shaw show everyone why she is considered one of the best wrestlers in the oWo’s history or will the newcomer ‘Hot’ Holly Knight do what she has been promosing and make a name for herself off of the former champion?

Tune into the oWo Last Stand 2019 iPPV live from Las Vegas, Nevada this Sunday night to find out!

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