Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

sVo Flashback Presents Roll the Dice 2008!

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We dip into the sVo archives for the Roll the Dice 2008 PPV which originally took place in the Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas on 24th February 2008!

The sVo Championship is on the line as current Champion Mike Best is forced to defend the gold in a triple threat match against Psyko Stevo and Johnny All Star!

We also see the sVo Las Championship on the line as Brock Aylas takes on Rex Fury, whilst Night and Peter Gilmour battle for the sVo Hardcore Championship!

Alex Ross clashes with ‘220’ Cody Williams for the International Championship whilst Kelly Flawless takes on……. Kelly Flawless?

Check out the link below to check out sVo Roll the Dice 2008 in full!

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