Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Teddy Rush in action again on Cyberslam #305

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Teddy Rush revealed today on social media that he will be involved in another oWo match this coming Monday night on Cyberslam #305.

Last week Rush made his debut appearance with the oWo after years on the independent scene, scoring an impressive victory over fellow newcomer Stuart Trevo.

Rush was loudly cheered by the oWo loud crowd, many of them familiar with Rush with the youngster having built quite the reputation for himself before arriving in the oWo.

With Rush announcing to the world that he will have his second match, the speculation now turns to just who he will face and if he will be able to keep his winning start going!

Tune into oWo Cyberslam this Monday night for episode #305 and all the latest action!

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