Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

‘The Natural’ Victor Holland

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'The Natural' Victor Holland is one of the most popular new stars on the oWo roster

Personal Info

Height: 6’2″

Weight: 245lbs

Alignment: Face

Hometown: Victoria, Texas

Entrance Music: “Knock Your Self Out” by Jadakiss

Wrestling Info

Finishing Move: The Natural Driver

Finisher Description: Death Valley Driver

Wrestling Style: Brawler

Signature Moves: Spinebuster, Shoulder Block, Cradle Piledriver, Figure Four Leglock, Swinging DDT


Coming Soon


Promotion History: oWo

Title History: None


The fans in the arena cheer as “Knock Your Self Out” by Jadakiss hits the sound system and the stage is basked in a green glow. After a few seconds ‘The Natural’ Victor Holland steps out from behind the curtain and poses at the top of the entrance ramp, drawing another big cheer from the crowd. Holland slowly moves down the entrance ramp, scanning the fans in the front few rows and exchanging high fives. Holland finally rolls into the ring under the bottom rope and poses on the nearest turnbuckle as his music begins to fade out.

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