Mon. Jan 20th, 2020


International Pro Wrestling Alliance

The Rebellion are here….

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After weeks of sneak attacks, the tag teams of High Voltage and The Union finally got answers as to who had been attacking them for the past month under the disguise of masks.

However the news might not be too pleasing to the current two top teams in the oWo as it was revealed last night on Cyberslam that it was the Rebellion who had been behind the attacks, marking their debuts on the oWo roster.

The Rebellion consists of Xander Young and Christian Cashman, along with Sara Young who acts as a manager to the team but is also an accomplished wrestler in her own right.

With the Rebellion now in the oWo, how will High Voltage or the oWo Tag Team Champions The Union respond?

Tune into oWo Cyberslam next week to find out!

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