Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

Victor Holland – “I Belong”

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Victor Holland sat backstage in the locker room on his own.

The only sounds that could be heard throughout the rest of the arena was the scraping and clanging of the last of the ring crew packing up the squared circle after another successful Cyberslam show, ready to load it onto one of the big trucks and head out to the next town, ready to complete the whole cycle all over again.

All of the rest of the wrestlers and backstage staff had left the building hours ago, but Victor Holland was still here, sitting silently in the locker room, still wearing his ring gear.

Holland wasn’t ready to leave this moment yet. He had walked into the arena earlier in the day full of hope. He walked in knowing that if he could repeat the feat he managed just two weeks ago and defeat the oWo legend CJ Dreamer, then a shot at the oWo Championship would be his. It had been the biggest goal of his since he broke into the wrestling business as a young kid and watched the likes of Scott Washington and Edwin Ellis fight for it, and he was only three seconds away from getting there himself.

However despite walking into the arena so full of hope, he would be walking out a disappointment. Maybe not a disappointment to the fans or his family, he didn’t know how many of them actually thought that he could actually beat the biggest legend to come out of the oWo in another match. He knew that many of them thought two weeks ago was a fluke, a match that he only won because of the distraction from Johnny All Star. No, he would be walking out of the arena tonight as a disappointment to himself. Holland knew deep down that he was good enough to beat Dreamer again, he was good enough to seize the moment and claw himself up to the pinnacle that he had targeted all those years ago…. Only to let it slip through his fingers tonight.

Holland slowly pulled himself off of the cold steel chair he had been sitting on for the past few hours. He stretched out his stiff muscles and looked around at the empty locker room. He took in the smell of sweat and deep heat in the air, he took in the trash that had been left behind by those eager to get back to their hotel room and rest up. He took in the crushing feeling of his own disappointment in the pit of his stomach.

Victor Holland took a mental snapshot of this moment and seared it into his subconscious.

Holland knew that it wouldn’t be easy, that he would have to fight and scratch to get back to this position again, but he would do it.

Holland knew that next time he got into this opportunity he would call on this mental snapshot of this very moment and use it to make sure that he never found himself in this situation ever again.

Tonight he had lost, however he was ‘The Natural’ Victor Holland and he would show the world that the victory two weeks ago was no fluke.

He would show the world that he belonged.

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